Helpful Tips For Successful Ecommerce SEO During The Holidays

how can you improve ecommerce seo

Prior to the shopping season for the coming holidays, ecommerce SEO sites should be preparing and updating their content, category, and product pages to increase search visibility as interest spikes. It’s also a good idea to conduct SEO site audits to guarantee a pleasant user experience.

Although the holidays are just around the corner, there’s still a lot of time to follow the suggestions and strategies outlined below to get the best results from e-commerce SEO and avoid making mistakes that might harm the company during this crucial season.

Use free product listings to your advantage

In April 2020, Shopping search results on Google were opened to organic, unpaid listings. And in August, Bing did the same. Getting products into these results allows an online business to reach the countless people who use Bing and Google shopping to shop for presents this holiday season.

To appear in Shopping results, one must first upload product feeds to Google and Microsoft Merchant Center, respectively. A separate program, called “Local surfaces across Google”, in Google Merchant Center (GMC) may be utilised to advertise the availability of products in Google Shopping, Google Images, Google Search, Google Lens, and Google Maps.

Moreover, on 1 November 2021, Bing introduced all-new tabs for shopping to enable customers to discover exactly what they want. It allowed shoppers to browse Departments, which include over a thousand categorised products. It also highlights price drops, coupons, and trends in every Department.

Monitor the performance of your campaign

Tracking campaigns might help online businesses make more intelligent choices moving forwards. However, organic listings aren’t as detailed as paid ones. When the free product listings on Bing debuted, the reporting was unavailable, but they introduced basic metrics (clicks and impressions) later that year.

The Performance report in GMC contains clicks from Surfaces. In Google Analytics, clicks from free Shopping listings fall under the “google” or “organic” traffic, so one can’t tell how their organic Shopping listings compare to their regular organic search results. To measure user behaviour after clicking, SEOs can make good use of a tagging process.

Make effective use of structured data

Google has launched several Shopping features in search results. If one does not feature their items, their classic ranking position may be insufficient for generating traffic. The easiest method to tell Google to rank for terms like “buy X” is via the Product Schema. This type of structured data can draw attention from potential consumers and provide them with relevant information to help them make well-informed decisions, which can potentially improve click-through rates (CTR).

Those using mobile devices looking for apparel or fashion goods may come across Google’s Popular Products carousel. This allows customers to sort categories for products, see different colours, compare prices, and read reviews without going to the website of a retailer. Online businesses have a chance to have their products featured in this carousel by marking them up with product Schema and submitting a product feed in Google Merchant Center.

Update evergreen content

Keep the content working the entire year. Timeless, evergreen content may be a resource for prospective consumers all year and serve one’s business year after year. It’s not advisable to make campaign pages for the holidays and then delete them immediately afterwards. Businesses should develop evergreen content like guides that can be linked internally through the year and promote more prominently as the holiday season approaches. The content should acquire links and work for the ecommerce SEO site each year instead of removing it and starting over again every year.

Keep holiday shoppers in mind. To be successful over the holidays, one must properly segment and reposition their evergreen content. Is it still true that during the holidays, the same individuals are making purchasing decisions? Video games are a great example: During much of the year, the primary buyer is usually the player, but when holidays come, many people buy it as a gift.

In this scenario, online businesses should modify their content for the holidays to respond to the new buyers, who are gift shoppers. This approach of shifting content will assist businesses in taking full advantage of current rankings.

Design product pages for holiday shoppers

Shoppers are more likely to look for certain discounts, so businesses should ensure that users can discover theirs as quickly as possible. Product and category sites that have been optimised for the holiday season will help SEOs achieve this goal.

Make category pages reflecting how customers are searching. Updating category meta descriptions, page content, and title tags to include popular keyphrases and items can help one optimise their high-value category pages.

Work with other teams to avoid missed opportunities. Online businesses should work with their SEO team to generate backlinks for their new product and category pages. Often, marketing teams do not consult SEO teams when creating new campaign pages, so authority is lost. Therefore, it’s important to have unity between departments. If a business makes virtual flyers, they should ensure that the links are accessible, so third-party sites can easily find them. These links are a great source of backlinks and entice more audiences to shop on the website.

Paying Attention To Site Issues

In addition to determining what may be improved leading up to the holiday shopping season, SEOs should also check their site for functionality and delay any major efforts until after this crucial sales period is over.

For instance, important pages shouldn’t be blocked by robots.txt from being crawled or indexed, nor should there be broken categories or product URLs or slow-loading pages. Early detection of these problems can result in a better user experience for your consumers, which might lead to additional sales.

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