How SEOs Should Prepare for Google’s AI-Powered MUM Algorithm

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Site owners and businesses are constantly looking for new search engine algorithm changes that might affect their SEO content marketing strategies, and one of these is Google’s MUM algorithm. This AI-powered algorithm is one of the most well-known updates from Google, as it can heavily affect the SEO marketing industry.

What Is MUM?

Google’s Multitask Unified Model (MUM) is a group of new technologies working together to answer complicated and difficult search questions with no direct answers, meaning they cannot be answered with the traditional ten blue links or short snippets. MUM aims to solve such questions by using multiple forms of content, such as photos and text in multiple languages, providing searchers with a rich and nuanced answer.

It’s no surprise that it has created a stir. According to Google, MUM is 1,000 times more powerful than BERT, but what does this signify in practical terms for one’s SEO strategy? And more importantly, what are the future prospects for businesses looking to capitalise on the underutilised facets of enterprise SEO?

Below are some great tips on how SEO marketers can prepare for MUM, as well as where to find new opportunities.

1. Preparing for the MUM algorithm

When Google introduced MUM, it caught the SEO community’s attention. Enterprise marketers should constantly update their SEO strategies to prepare for the MUM algorithm and other search updates.

Here are four things that SEOs can do to prepare for future updates:

Consider the searcher’s journey and intent

MUM is all about the search intent behind the user’s query. SEOs should put themselves in the searcher’s shoes and analyse related topics and questions their users may have when they begin their search journey or prepare to make a purchase. It is no longer about precise keywords; one must anticipate requirements and think holistically about the searcher’s goal.

Take a multimedia approach to SEO

MUM is improving in video, visual search, and Lens, so to remain relevant in the search results, one will need a multimedia content strategy. SEOs should consider optimising their whole digital presence – including graphics, videos, and audio files – rather than just their website to grow their business. It is necessary to improve the quality of the written content by using descriptive tags that Google can properly comprehend and interpret.

Assess new language features

MUM can analyse content in over 75 languages, allowing SEO marketers to connect their content to new markets. If a business operates in many locations, it can focus on local interests and location-based priorities to take full advantage of MUM.

Only use tried-and-tested SEO best practices

MUM focuses on user experience. The higher the relevance of the content, the higher the website’s search rankings will be. Therefore, SEOs should ensure that their website is safe and optimised, all while sticking to white-hat SEO strategies.

2. Discover untapped enterprise opportunities

This year, content marketing for local SEO is a wonderful area to explore for those who have a local component to their businesses. SEOs sometimes focus too much on casting a wider net, so they fail to see that local SEO has less competition but higher conversion.

Fast, precise, and relevant content is what people are searching for; therefore, a site should contain everything they need. SEOs must look for local keywords to target and update their page around these search terms. They should also create specific business content for each region they operate in.

SEO agencies should increase their real-time site auditing, monitoring, and alerts since businesses want to know what’s going on with their sites at any one moment. No one wants to find out about an issue weeks or months later. Therefore, SEOs should always be on the lookout for up-to-date information as quickly as possible. Fortunately, more recent technology embraces that concept, allowing SEOs and site owners to obtain insights fast.

3. Know AI’s role in SEO marketing

With MUM, search has seen an amazing improvement in the volume of data it can handle in seconds. Its impact has already been seen in enhanced searches for critical and timely information, and this is only the start of a process that will change how such information is shared.

Another interesting AI development in the search experience is Passage Ranking, which Google uses to examine a piece of content and identify a question or specific point in the user’s query. As a result, it shows the user highlighted answers from the content, allowing them to get the right answers faster instead of going through huge chunks of text on a website.

4. Optimise company culture

SEO marketing companies should also look for ways to improve their company culture amidst various changes in Google’s algorithms. Below are some tips to follow:

Ensure that everyone is heard

Everyone should be invited to join the discussion. Companies can lead small group discussions designed to encourage individuals to genuinely express their opinions and be heard while also ensuring that no single voice dominates the discussion.

Optimise for diversity of thought

It is better to break out into smaller discussions and avoid echo chambers. Companies can conduct a survey to find out what the people think. After getting the results out of this engagement, companies can balance each group with a mix of people to nurture healthy dialogue.

Start small

It’s crucial to avoid making things complicated; SEO companies should start small and understand that nurturing a healthy ethical culture is a process. One should constantly make good use of employee feedback channels and surveys to know which issues are significant to their workers. Afterwards, they can start working with them to address these issues.

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