How To Create A WordPress SEO-Friendly URL

how to create a wordpress seo friendly url

Businesses and website owners need to improve their WordPress SEO strategies if they want to increase their odds of success online. One of the easiest and simplest things to implement for optimisation is a WordPress SEO-friendly URL.

It’s highly recommended for websites to have SEO-friendly URLs to improve their organic search visibility. This is particularly important for long-tail keywords with low search volume. There are several ways to ensure that the URLs on a website are, indeed, SEO-friendly.

One way to improve WordPress SEO is to get to a single root version of the website’s domain. A root domain has several variations that can serve as functional URLs.

However, these URLs can be identical versions of your webpages. For instance, some website owners may have two URLs; one with HTTPS and the other, HTTP. This makes the two URLs look very similar at first glance.

If these two links can render the website separately, they will look like mirrored versions of a website. Businesses and website owners can choose one primary version, say, the link with the HTTPS, and have the other versions 301 redirect globally to the main link.

By having one main version, they can combine all rankings, indexing, and link values to a single version of the website.

Moreover, businesses should ensure that their websites are fully encrypted with SSL certificates because HTTPS URLs are currently a minor ranking signal in Google’s algorithms. Additionally, Google prefers HTTPS URLs for secure data in Chrome.

For this reason, many businesses and website owners choose to use HTTPS for better rankings and improved user experience.

Aside from HTTPS URLs, it is also crucial to get an SEO-friendly permalink structure so that Google can recognise the content, as well as the keyphrases. For this reason, the URL should contain keywords that are relevant to the content. By changing links this way, readers can instantly know what kind of content they get just by looking at the link.

Not only does it make users know what the topic is all about but also allows Google to understand it. This makes the URL both user-friendly and SEO-friendly.

SEO agencies who want to change their permalink structure in WordPress can do so by going to their Settings and clicking the Permalinks button. They will be presented with several options: Plain, Day and Name, Month and Name, Numeric, Post Name, and Custom Structure.

One of the best options to choose is Day and Name because it helps Google and the users know the topic of the content, as well as the exact publishing date. Month and Name is also a great option because it is similar to Day and Name, except that it displays the month the content was published.

The Post Name is the most popular choice for WordPress SEO because it allows businesses and website owners to personalise their URLs to suit the content topics. Custom Structure is also a great choice for large websites with multiple categories because it allows website owners to use WordPress-specific tags to customise the URLs.

There is no single method to create the best WordPress SEO-friendly URL because the most efficient strategies are based on the kind of website a business owner has or the type of industry they operate in. Moreover, every company has its own demographic of website visitors with different needs. It is important to provide them with personalised SEO based on what they think is valuable.

Here at Position1SEO, we will help you optimise your WordPress URLs, including all the crucial keywords in the links to make it clear to the readers what the content is all about. This will help you boost your website traffic and rankings in the search engine results pages.

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Author: Jason Ferry
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