How To Make Press Releases That Are Beneficial For SEO

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Most SEO agencies and business owners write their own press releases for the sake of SEO reputation management. However, writing a press release SEO that’s not “newsworthy” will never boost a brand’s reputation nor help a website attain higher rankings.

Press releases can be beneficial for SEOs and business owners – but only when done right. While this type of content is still relevant to SEO, companies have been overusing press releases to the point where they lose sight of the basics.

By definition, press releases are official statements that gave information about important events. Companies send press releases to inform journalists about their new event, hoping that it will be featured on renowned news platforms.

There are several advantages that a business can gain from press releases, such as building brand reputation, gaining media coverage, and controlling a crisis – because publishing the company’s side of the story first has its advantages.

Nowadays, many businesses create press releases for a new purpose – to build links with reputable news websites, and thus, improve SEO. However, a good chunk of press releases being published today can hardly be considered “newsworthy”.

Companies have learned that simply linking press releases to top-notch news websites was enough to give them a rankings boost. Thus, they began writing press releases on all sorts of things that were irrelevant to their events, products, or services.

Eventually, Google picked up on this behaviour and started penalising websites that have these links.

Google’s John Mueller has also stated that they try to ignore links from press releases, so relying on this specific kind of content to build links for a website is not recommended.

Although this is the case, press releases are still relevant today, as long as SEOs and business owners do things the right way. Writing press releases can attract more potential customers, boost brand reputation, and more.

But in order to make successful press releases for SEO reputation management, SEOs should write compelling news stories. This will attract the interests of their target audience, making it more likely for users to visit their website. In some cases, the readers could even share the content on their own social media accounts, which casts a wider net to reach a bigger audience.

There are three things that SEOs and business owners should consider when creating press releases:

1. Newsworthiness

Press releases should always be newsworthy and relevant. It does not have to be anything huge. You could simply talk about any events that the company is hosting, offers and discounts, new products and services, or a study on something the target audience cares about.

2. Writing Style And Tone

A press release should have a catchy title to entice the audience to give it a read. Moreover, it should be concise so that journalists will have an easier time writing about your press release.

The tone of the content should also be similar to that of a news story. It is crucial that they are written in the third person and have a word count of 400 to 500. It should also be direct to the point and simple to read without any complex jargon that could confuse the average reader.

3. Sharing It With The Right People

Instead of distributing the press release to all kinds of journalists, businesses and SEOs should find those who write about the same industry that they operate in.

Handling your company’s press release SEO can be difficult. For this reason, it is highly recommended to hire a professional to ensure that your PR content is both newsworthy and of high quality.

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Author: Jason Ferry
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