Improve Your Local SEO with These Content Marketing Tips

how can businesses benefit from a local SEO expert

An effective content strategy is only as good as the execution. A local SEO expert can help site owners hone in on keywords and phrases to include in their content. Not only that, but they can also formulate a solid local SEO strategy and ensure that potential customers can easily find a website online.

Local SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand. By optimising the website and content for local keywords, site owners can improve their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) for those keywords. And by producing high-quality, relevant content, backlinks from other websites are earned, helping to improve a website’s local SEO further.

The Major Differences Between Local and Organic SEO Content Strategies

Businesses may get local SEO expert services to find out what Google loves about a website and how to improve it so that it appears higher on search engine results pages. With this strategy, site owners can maximise the content they use on their websites.

These services can help businesses get better local visibility and organic rankings. Furthermore, local SEO services also help drive more traffic and leads from the local search engines. Businesses looking to improve their online visibility should understand the major differences between local and organic SEO content strategies if they want to see the best results.

There are plenty of different content strategies for local and organic SEO. But the most important thing is always to make good content.

That being said, The main difference between organic and local SEO content lies in the user intent.

With local SEO, the user’s intent is to locate items or services in their area, so they include a local indicator in their search request.

For example, good local search queries in the UK would be “SEO services London”, “plumbers in Birmingham”, or “electricians in Manchester”.

The location indicator instructs Google to prioritise local results, which should be visible to the user.

For a long time, Google has wanted to show more local SERP elements (like map results) for queries with apparent local intent, as evident by its move towards adaptive mobile search.

When creating content for local SEO, make sure it emphasises a specific location.

How to Get Started

Before writing for a website, consider the end goal.

Reflect on what needs to be accomplished.

Think about how the content and messaging will help achieve the website’s objectives.

For instance, let’s say that the goal is to increase foot traffic to the business. Increasing a website’s ranking on Google for relevant queries is one way to do this. Ranking higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs) means that potential customers will more likely see the business. This, in turn, will increase sales and revenue.

Excellent local SEO can help businesses achieve a high ranking on the Google search results pages, but simply creating a Google My Business listing is not enough. Businesses must take several other important steps to ensure their local SEO is as effective as possible.

Prioritise producing high-quality, informative content, emphasising the business’s products and location.

Auditing Local Content

The best time to perform a local content audit is when overhauling a website or starting a new marketing campaign.

A content audit serves to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the existing content. This information can be used to decide what content is kept, updated or removed from the website.

When performing a content audit, consider who the ideal local customer is and what they would search for. Tailor the content to match those keywords and phrases. This will help the website rank higher in local search results, bringing more customers to the business.

  • Are they looking into what’s available in the area they want to visit?
  • Do they read other people’s reviews?
  • Are they planning to go somewhere now?
  • Are they looking for a provider to come to them or for a product to be delivered?

This information will help site owners fill in any content gaps they may have and rank higher in local searches.

Another critical aspect of auditing a site’s local content is competitor research.

When looking at competitors’ websites, it’s important to keep an eye out for the keywords they’re targeting and the content structure. This can offer some great insights into how to get a business’ local clients to switch.

Upon identifying the business’ target market and what keywords and phrases they use to find solutions to their problem, a business can begin creating content that is relevant and useful to that target market.

Local SEO On-Page Content

A well-optimised website with high-quality content will rank well in local searches without any additional optimisation.

If there’s any tweak that can be done, this would be minor. One adjustment that can be made is to put the company’s address in the footer.

It’s also important to create landing pages for each location served by the business. These should have original content that’s relevant to the area and location.


A blog is a powerful tool that can help establish one as an expert in a field. It can also increase a brand’s authority and attract more potential customers.

Being able to highlight the location is very important to local SEO. Having fresh content that clearly states where a business is will help boost its local search results.

Local Off-Page SEO Content

Off-page SEO is a technique that helps boost the visibility of a website’s content by sharing it on third-party websites. This strategy can help build valuable backlinks and increase a page’s search engine rankings.

Google Business: A Google Business Profile is the most crucial off-page location for local SEO content.

Other Listing Services: It’s no secret that Google is the dominant force in local search. However, other local listing services can also help boost a website’s rankings. Some of these include Bing Local, Yelp, and Yellowpages.com.

Social Media: Having a good social media presence is essential for SEO. Having a good Instagram and Facebook business listing is also important to increase a website’s reach and traffic.

Learn How Content Marketing Can Help You Achieve Better Rankings for Your Local Business

Ranking on local searches is becoming increasingly important for businesses. More and more people are using their mobile devices to find businesses around them. We at position1seo.co.uk are experts in helping businesses achieve better rankings through our professional content marketing services.

Position1SEO offers local seo services for small businesses, helping them achieve better rankings for local searches. Through the use of high-quality, relevant content, we can improve the visibility of our clients’ websites and help them attract more customers. If you are looking to improve your business’s ranking on local searches, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

For more information on our website SEO services, please visit our homepage or contact us today for a free consultation. Call 0141 846 0114 now or send an email to jason@position1seo.com.

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