If you are looking for a Google Page 1 guarantee then we are the company for you.

  • ANY Keyphrase
  • ANY Competition Level
  • Google Page 1 guarantee
  • Position 1 on Page 1 can be delivered
  • Zero Risk

You can target as many or as few keyphrases as you like…
And if you don’t see the improvement that we guarantee then we will work completely FREE of charge until you do

Unlike other SEO companies, Position1SEO don’t waste your money on outdated linkbuilding methods, without any guarantee of results.

But don’t take our word for it…

SEM Rush recently spent millions and proved without doubt the top 4 factors in SEO have nothing whatsoever to do with Linkbuilding.

#1. Number of visitors to your website
#2. Time those visitors then spend on your site
#3. How many pages they visited in that session
#4. Bounce rate of the visitors

And Position1SEO.co.uk will sky rocket your rankings with 100% GUARANTEED RESULTS by focusing on these areas…

If you want any additional proof about the power of our methods you can simply search Google.co.uk for dozens of key industry terms like
“Affordable SEO”, “Professional SEO Agency”, “Affordable SEO Service” etc etc
And as our names suggests, you’ll find us in “POSITION 1” on Page 1.

This proven process that we use to rank above our competitors is EXACTLY the same one we will use to generate Page 1 for you.

Our process works in 3 simple stages…


We first establish your current situation by completing an in-depth SEO audit that looks at:

  • Website Review & Recommendations
  • Web Based Reporting System Set-up
  • On-Page Review & Recommendations
  • Google Local review
  • Directory Citation report pdf
  • Backlink Reports
  • Ranking Report for target keyphrases
  • Domain Health Check Report
  • Google Search Console Overview Report
  • IP Address Review Report
  • Link Audit Report with Detox Recommendations
  • Site Load Speed Report with Speed Optimisation Recommendations
  • Malware and Blacklist Check Report
  • Mobile and Desktop Page Speed Insights Report (from Google)
  • Mobilegeddon Report (Mobile-Friendliness)
  • SEO Review Report
  • W3C Validation Report
  • SSL Certificate Validation Report
  • Social Media report
  • Keyword Research

You will simply pay a £199 deposit for all this work to be completed BUT as long as you progress with your
project, then we will do all this investigation work for FREE and your deposit can be used against future
stage 3 work.

If you decide not to go ahead after the Phase 1 reports have been completed for any reason then the
deposit will be used to cover that work.


The second part deals with the issues highlighted in the Stage 1 reports and creates a perfect platform for your ongoing SEO success.

We don’t have a Google magic wand, we just take a no-stone unturned approach to how Google perceive you.

You can then decide which items, if any, you want to do yourself and we will simply provide detailed investments for dealing with anything you don’t want to do.

Typical areas of work include:

  • Google Search Console
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Website load Speed
  • Website performance
  • Website accessibility
  • Google Local set up
  • Sitemap installation
  • Directory Citations
  • Link Detox
  • Positive Link Building
  • etc etc

During this stage you will also select your target keyphrases.

We will then complete an additional review to determine if you have suitable pages already within your site for the keyphrases you wish to target.
If you do not, we will advise the investments to help you create the fully optimised pages you need.


Now that you have the perfect platform for your SEO, we can focus on the ongoing User Engagement work that drives your rankings forward.

Final investments for the ongoing work will be calculated based on the specific keyphrases you choose to target.

These are detailed in your Stage 1 keyword research and each project has minimum total investment of £50 per week and 3 months work…

  • Low Competition – £10 per keyphrase per week
  • Intermediate Competition – £35 per keyphrase per week
  • Medium Competition – £75 per keyphrase per week
  • High Competition – £150 per keyphrase per week
  • Extreme Competition – £250 per keyphrase per week
  • Maximum Competition – £500 per keyphrase per week

And as long as the fundamentals are in place then we guarantee the below improvements every 6 weeks or we’ll work for FREE…

  • From Unranked by Google to at least Page 10
  • Page 4 to 10 to at least Page 3
  • Page 3 to Page 2
  • Page 2 to Page 1
  • Page 1 position 7 to 10 to at least position 5 to 6
  • Page 1 position 5 or 6 to at least position 4
  • Page 1 position 2 or 4 up at least 1 position

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