John Mueller Discusses The Possibility Of Having A Quality Metric In The Future

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SEOs must work to improve the quality of their site, but doing so could be difficult without the proper Google SEO tools. Recently, an SEO asked Google’s John Mueller whether or not search quality could be measured and converted to a number. Mueller’s answer was interesting as he shared how he had looked into adding a quality metric in Search Console to help experts in Google SEO.

Site Quality

The concept of site quality may appear to be straightforward, but it isn’t. Many experts, like Mueller, talk about the significance of site quality for indexing and rankings. However, its definition at Google is still a mystery, leaving the SEO community with subjective interpretations.

The term “site quality” is a subjective one determined by an individuals’ views, influenced by their wide range of expertise and understanding. Therefore, there is no such thing as an objective or absolute definition of site quality. Because Google doesn’t clarify the definition of site quality, no one knows exactly what they mean by it.

It could be that there is no actual way to quantify the things that several algorithms independently verify. Still, the person who asked the question is hoping to look for a way that’s more quantifiable and objective.

Mueller said that SEOs should aim to improve the quality of their website, and the SEO who asked the question wondered whether this “quality” is quantifiable or just a term used to determine how Google’s algorithms view a website.

Site Quality Cannot Be Measured

The quality of a website is not quantifiable, which may not come as a surprise, given Mueller’s statement. He said that they do not use a specific metric, such as the quality score for ads, for measuring site quality. He further explained that they have multiple algorithms that try to determine the quality of a website, so the whole process does not just rely on one algorithm.

Site Quality Metric In Search Console

It’s not shocking to know that site quality is immeasurable. But Mueller’s next statements surprised the SEO community. He revealed that he has considered the idea of creating a quality metric in Google Search Console.

This is good news for SEOs since it shows how Mueller sympathises with publishers, helping them solve site quality problems. According to him, he had talks with the search quality team from time to time, trying to convince them to provide a quality metric in Search Console.

Google could establish a separate quality metric in Search Console, but that would not be the same quality metric they use for web search. Adding it would be super tricky and might even be almost misleading.

On the other hand, if Google were to show the specific quality metric they use, it could give way to people taking advantage of it. It would also give the Google team a hard time working on improving the metric.

Mueller admitted that there’s a tricky balance if they do decide to use a quality metric. He mentioned that there might come a time where they would provide publishers with a quality metric in Google Search Console, but he’s not making any promises.

Site Quality Is Not One Number

Mueller said that Google could show exactly the quality metric they use, but that statement does not necessarily mean that there is a single tool or metric. His response must be taken as a whole to understand the entire context. Mueller stated that there are several quality-related algorithms, and these algorithms don’t just rely on one number.

To give an actionable quality metric, Google would have to reveal what their various quality-related algorithms are, and Mueller pointed out that this could lead to “abuse”. Nevertheless, the entire SEO community now knows what site quality means by Google’s standards. The quality of a website is broad; it is not limited to just text content. But what’s great is that Mueller is opening up the possibility of providing publishers with a quality-related metric someday.

Several Tips On Improving Site Quality

A website’s homepage aims to greet a customer after clicking the URL from the search results. Because of this, visuals have a vital part to play in creating a client’s initial impression. High-quality, high-usability content and other factors help persuade visitors to stay and continue reading on the website. Below are some tips to improve one’s website quality:

Good website structure and design

SEOs should consider a design that reflects their company; if it’s a personal website, then their personality. A good website design not only looks nice but also aids in the communication process with visitors. The website should be easy on the eyes by keeping things simple and avoiding overloading web pages with text and pictures.

Content marketing strategy

Site owners must develop a plan for producing high-quality material that their audience will find beneficial. To guarantee continual dissemination of information and keep followers interested, one can use a content calendar as part of their strategy.

Easy site navigation

SEOs should place the different website elements in order so that they’re concise and easy to understand. The visitors should not be lost while browsing for things that appeal to them. Clarity and brevity are especially important when it comes to offering items or services.

The right images

Using the right images can significantly enhance one’s website and user engagement. However, high-resolution pictures may cause a slow loading time. As a result, one should optimise images for website use. When using or uploading unique company photos, publishers must know that these pictures might be too heavy for their website.

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