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Organic SEO specialists plan their link building strategies carefully to boost their site traffic and search rankings. However, acquiring high-quality links is not easy. To help the SEO community, John Mueller discussed the best link building tactics in a recent Office Hours hangout. He explained Google’s proactive and passive techniques against certain URLs and gave SEO specialists useful tips on how to get links in the best way possible.

In the Office Hours hangout, an SEO asked Mueller a question about link building practices. He first explained that he has read many case studies and link building videos on YouTube that say it is necessary to use link building strategies to improve SEO rankings.

The person approached a lot of businesses to get links, but apparently, a huge sum of money was needed to get links from news sites or home pages. The SEO said that the companies he talked to are giving high-quality and authoritative links, which is probably the reason for the high prices.

He added that the companies showcased some high-ranking websites on Google and told him that these sites ranked well because of their effective link-building tactics. According to the companies, they put their client’s site backlink with a comprehensive and relevant article on the home page.

The person asking the question admitted that they do not want to spend a lot of money on low-quality link building and manipulative practices. He even shared that there are a lot of YouTube videos and blog posts that talk about the best SEO practices, but these are almost always expensive.

For these reasons, the person is now on the lookout for the best link building tips and tricks. The person ended his question, asking Mueller what he should do now.

Black Hat Link Building Strategies To Avoid

Mueller admitted that the person’s question was complicated because there is no one solution for everything.

He said that one should first recognise what are the things that go against Google’s webmaster guidelines. For instance, some of the link building practices that could cause them to receive Google penalties are buying links, dropping links on other websites, and artificially building links.

Mueller assures the SEO community that their Google team takes action both manually and algorithmically. He also said that Google either penalises the website buying the links or the one selling the links. Other times, Google does things more subtly and just ignore all of the links.

Mueller also went on to explain that paid links do not do as much as people believe. According to him, a lot of people still sell links because they know that they will sell well. Many businesses and site owners in the SEO industry even actively look for people who sell links.

However, these paid links are a big waste of time and resources because they do not have any positive effect on SEO.

White Hat SEO Tactics

Mueller said that there are many SEO strategies out there that one can use without getting penalties from Google.

Firstly, he provided the SEO community with Google-friendly link building tactics, starting from the basics. His first tip was to create a comprehensive and relevant piece of content and tell others about it.

This is a classic SEO method, but it always works; it always encourages other people to link back to one’s website minus the exchange of money. To make this trick more effective and successful, one can look for a person in their team who is highly experienced in encouraging other sites to link back by offering the most relevant content for other peoples’ websites.

Although creating content and telling other webmasters about it is a classic, tried-and-tested link building strategy, it is not always appropriate for ecommerce sites; such websites focus on offering products, not articles.

Building links to product pages is challenging because other site owners generally do not feel compelled to write about certain products, and when they do write in the same niche, they are mostly competitors that sell the same type of product.

Another problem is that it is extremely difficult for another webmaster to decide which site to link to because there could be more deserving competitor sites out there that sell identical products. Creating content is also troublesome for product pages because when an ecommerce site owner acquires links, it boosts the content and instead of the products.

Mueller’s solution in such cases is to write interesting content. For instance, if an ecommerce site sells refrigerators, a category page of refrigerators will not keep people interested. What SEO specialists can do is create interesting and entertaining content, like a cool survey about refrigerators or a content piece about the history or trivia of the said product.

These link building methods are highly desirable because they do not involve any back door relationships or expensive payments to other site owners. It only needs well-written content to work.

Mueller then went back to warning the SEO community about using black hat link building shortcuts. These tactics can lead to serious penalties for websites, and it would be unwise to use them for short-term rewards at the expense of long-term success.

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