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In the past, expert SEO companies were limited by a character count when publishing their content on LinkedIn. But recently, LinkedIn announced that they would introduce Articles For Pages, which allows SEO companies to create long-form content for the first time on their platform.

Moreover, company pages can take a new approach to create live content and new campaign features using LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn is launching three new updates: Articles For Pages, LinkedIn live events, and various approaches to measure and optimise brand building with LinkedIn Ads.

Articles For Pages

Users with a personal LinkedIn account have always been able to create longer content. On the other hand, business accounts had to follow a restricted character count when publishing long articles. But thanks to the new Articles For Pages initiative, this is no longer the case. This new feature lets businesses write and post blog-style content of any desired length.

This feature also presents detailed audience insights, including firmographics of other users reading and interacting with the business’ content.

Here are other advantages of using Articles For Pages:

  • - Create and share fresh content while exploring important topics in detail using pull quotes, rich media, links, and so on.
  • - Spark conversations among the community in the comments section, just like engaging with a social post.
  • - Attract LinkedIn users using professional content that they can read without the need to leave the platform.
  • - Encourage the target audience to click through the website link, follow the Page, or download a resource.

How to use this feature:

  1. Firstly, access the page’s “Content” or “Super” admin view.
  2. Next, under the “Start a post” prompt, click “Write article”.

LinkedIn Live Events

LinkedIn is also improving its “LinkedIn Events” and ”Scheduled LinkedIn Live” products. The company is working to ensure that these features work together to help pages receive a wider reach and more engagement.

The professional social network introduced LinkedIn Live Events, which involve live streaming incorporated with event planning. This simplified experience allows businesses to:

  • - Notify registrants and choose Page followers of the live stream date
  • - Promote their live-stream show in advance to their target audience
  • - Share the live-stream content’s replay to reach a wider net of audience and increase engagement
  • - Generate views on the event page from any LinkedIn user, whether they clicked “Attend” or not during or after the live stream show

The social media platform is also launching additional updates to Live Events, allowing LinkedIn users to access the feature easily. Some of the extra updates include:

  • - A lead management integration with Zapier
  • - Expanding registration forms for events
  • - The ability for all page admins to go live after a Page gets approved
  • - An expedited and automated review process for LinkedIn Live applicants
  • - A lower follower requirement to access LinkedIn Live

Measure And Optimise Brand Awareness With LinkedIn Ads

There were three updates to LinkedIn Ads that could help businesses achieve their brand-building goals and measure results. Here are the three of them:

Reach Optimisation

SEO companies can optimise LinkedIn Ads for distribution to unique member accounts. Doing so will display the advertisements to new and relevant users instead of showing them to the same audience over again.

Reach/Frequency Forecasting And Reporting

LinkedIn users can look at the predicted reach and frequency for brand awareness campaigns using the forecasting feature. They can now also measure results with the Campaign Manager reporting.

Brand Lift Testing

This new feature lets businesses measure the effect of LinkedIn Ads on their brand. The tool will measure LinkedIn Ads’ impact by taking a baseline of the brand’s perception. Afterwards, it will test the impact again, this time using the key metrics from the baseline report.

Articles For Pages Help Brands Connect With Target Audiences

According to LinkedIn, a company should make it easy for potential customers to find and join their community. This is one of the most important roles a business should play, especially in this evolving world of work.

The new features that LinkedIn is releasing are all directed towards that goal. Using virtual events, native long-form content, and data-driven optimisation tools, a business can become better equipped to set itself apart from the pack, connect with its audience, and maximise its impact.

Since the Articles For Pages is highly successful and engaging, social and content marketers can use it to make their LinkedIn accounts stand out from other blogs and content channels. Posting timely and relevant topics is one of the best ways to connect with one’s target market. Marketers can also add bylines and perspective content, emphasising individual opinions that can improve a business brand’s relationship with its audience.

SEO and marketers agree that this is a time when connectivity and empathy are more important than ever. Companies should not use LinkedIn Articles solely for promotional purposes; otherwise, it will backfire on them. When using this new feature, businesses should treat their content as a relevant extension of their brand. It allows brands to interact with their audience instead of just talking at them, separating LinkedIn articles from other content channels.

Moreover, websites are not the best place to publish moment-in-time or hot-topic content. Most of the time, expert SEO companies create long-term-focused, evergreen content on their websites. Articles For Pages is an excellent way for brands to make and publish event-based, moment-in-time articles. It also allows companies to be more responsive and hyper-focused on current diversity and inclusion events.

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