Microsoft Ads Launches New Product Updates This August

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Online businesses and advertisers improve their SEO digital marketing using various tools, extensions, and strategies. Just recently, Microsoft launched their August updates, which include a new bid strategy, new automated extensions, manager-account labelling, extended brand safety protections, and Unified Campaigns updates. These new features are expected to greatly help businesses and site owners looking to improve their SEO marketing strategy.

Target Impression Share Strategy

Microsoft has announced the release of the target Impression Share strategy – their counterpart to Google Ads. This strategy will automatically set an advertiser’s bids based on where they want to show their Target Impression Share and ads.

Microsoft’s system will ask advertisers where they want to show their ads on the search engine results page (SERP), giving them three options:

  • Anywhere on the page – The ads will appear randomly on the page. This means marketers do not care where ads appear on the page.
  • Top of page – The ads will appear in the first set of advertisements that appear on the first SERP.
  • Absolute top of the page – The ads will become the very first advertisement in the SERP.

Marketers can also set a Max CPC limit. However, it might restrict volume, depending on what the advertisers select on their other settings.

Target Impression Share is a great bid strategy for people who prioritise visibility, and its only downside is its high expense. Marketers can also use the experiments feature to run A/B bidding strategy tests for search campaigns. They can get clear insights on which bidding strategies are most suitable for their goals.

New Automated Extensions

Microsoft announced that they would launch new automated extensions this month, available for all advertisers to use.

  • Dynamic Location extensions will get location information from Bing Maps and advertiser location extensions.
  • Dynamic Multimedia extensions will add multimedia assets, like videos and photos. Flighting will begin in early 2022.
  • Syndication Decorations – enhancements and automated buttons that advertisers can use to encourage clicks – will be added.

All of these extensions are 100 per cent optional for online businesses and SEO marketing agencies.

Account Labelling

Microsoft is launching manager account-level labels for advertisers using an MCC. These labels allow marketers to pivot their reports and insights and tag campaigns, ads, accounts, and keywords in their management scope using labels.

Use Product Conversion Goals To Track Product-Specific Conversions

Marketers using feed-based campaigns, like Shopping Campaigns, can now make product conversion goals. Microsoft defined the meaning of a product-specific goal and gave an example of how it is used.

Picture this scenario: a customer clicks an advertisement for Product A, navigates away without buying it, and clicks an ad for Product B. Afterwards, the person ends up buying the former. Usually, the system perceives the second ad as the cause of the conversion because it was the ad the customer last clicked. However, with the product conversion goal, marketers can track this as a conversion for Product A’s advertisement.

Advertisers participating in product-specific goals can also attribute conversions at the brand level. Microsoft gave another scenario as an explanation:

A customer clicks an advertisement for Product A (Brand X) but ends up buying Product B (Brand X). Normally, there would be no conversion to report, but with the product conversion goal for brands, marketers can perceive this as a conversion for Brand X. However, one needs to set up Microsoft Shopping Campaigns for Brands for this scenario.

Integral Ad Science Platform Is Available Globally

Microsoft publicly stated last September that they would partner with Integral Ad Science (IAS). This new partnership aims to add more brand protection options to the Microsoft Audience Network. Microsoft says this partnership is now available worldwide: the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, and New Zealand.

Changes To Unified Campaigns

Lastly, Microsoft announced a host of updates for unified campaigns based on feedback from early adopters. Here are the changes they have made:

  • Instagram posting: Users can now post on Instagram via the unified campaigns’ social media section.
  • Updates to user invitation and access management: Users can now invite other Microsoft Ad users to manage or have access to their accounts.
  • A new billing experience: Users can utilise the same billing pages as Expert mode users.
  • Updates to the campaign management experience: The company made several changes to improve their unified campaigns’ usability based on user feedback. Some of the changes include visible overview information during campaign creation.
  • Multiple sub-accounts management: Users can now manage multiple sub-accounts under a single parent account. Below are some of the things they can do with this feature:
  • - Create a combination of expert mode and unified campaigns accounts under the same manager account.

    - Create multiple unified campaigns accounts under the same manager account.

    - Link to and from manager accounts containing a mix of expert mode and unified campaigns accounts.

Microsoft Advertising Platform For Small Businesses

Microsoft Advertising can help marketers drive more leads, appointments, visits, phone calls, or purchases for their businesses. It can also help companies reach more potential consumers who are interested in buying a particular product or service.

Below are some of the benefits of using Microsoft Ads for businesses:

  • Gives consumers more information about businesses with ad extensions
  • Import Google Ads campaigns seamlessly
  • Target ads to display when users search in the service area
  • Control daily budgets without mandatory spending thresholds
  • Save time and maintain budget control by setting bids to adjust up or down automatically depending on the device, time, and location
  • Cost-effective for any budget as marketers pay only when a consumer clicks on their ad
  • Receive one-on-one coaching and get personalised advice on driving more leads from Microsoft Ad experts

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