Mozilla Firefox Releases Total Cookie Protection

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In the past, the use of cookies was a very popular digital marketing strategy among professional SEO agencies and online businesses but has since lost some effectiveness with the advent of the smartphone. And, with Internet users today becoming increasingly distrustful of cookies and other forms of tracking, webmasters and SEO agencies everywhere need to start reconsidering their strategies. Adding to this, web browser companies themselves are providing users with the necessary tools to help them maintain their privacy online.

The latest cookie blocker from Firefox, Total Cookie Protection, was recently added to the platform’s Strict Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP). Mozilla revealed this new cookie blocker to the public on 23 February, coinciding with Firefox 86’s release.

Firefox ranks third in the browser market share with 3.65 per cent. Meanwhile, Safari is ranked second at 19.37 per cent, and Chrome takes the lead with a whopping 63.63 per cent. Although Firefox only holds a relatively low market share, many wonder if its new cookie blocker will be enough to attract more users.

Mozilla states that their Total Cookie Protection is an advanced system in restricting website cookies, confining them into new “cookie jars”. According to them, each third-party that places a cookie in a user’s browser will have the accumulated data restricted to its very own cookie jar. Doing so prevents tracking companies from following the user’s online actions from one website to another.

The company’s Total Cookie Protection is also the latest development in Mozilla’s mission to protect their users’ privacy when surfing on the Internet.

People who want to use the newly released Total Cookie Protection can go to their settings and look for “Standard Enhanced Tracking Protection”, which is the default setting. This setting blocks trackers of all kinds, such as cryptominers, cross-site cookies, social media trackers, fingerprinters, and tracking content in private windows.

For better filtering, users can also opt to use Strict Mode. When activated, content trackers in all windows will be blocked in addition to everything blocked in the Standard Mode. To activate the ETP Strict Mode and Total Cookie Protection on a Firefox browser, users can navigate to a webpage and click on the shield icon on the left side of the address bar. Next, click on the Protection Settings to open the Firefox Preferences Privacy & Security panel.

From there, click “Strict”, which is located under Enhanced Tracking Protection. Lastly, users can click the “Reload All Tabs” button to enable Total Cookie Protection.

Mozilla warned that despite Strict Mode making pages load faster, it may also cause a page to appear broken, especially in some forms, buttons, and login fields. This happens when it blocks a tracker that is hidden within site content, including payments, videos, and comments.

Aside from the Total Cookie Protection, Firefox 86.0 – the latest release – also provides various features, such as multiple videos in Picture-in-Picture, enhanced stability and performance via moving WebGL drawing and canvas drawing to the GPU process, and more.

Users will also be happy to know that Mozilla has resolved previous issues like colour contrast in Read View links, reader mode with local HTML pages, and Orca screen reader’s mouse review feature when switching tabs, to mention a few.

Mozilla understands its users’ need to protect their privacy. Although the company has just released an efficient cookie blocker, the company continues to enhance its system to protect user data.

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