Mueller Talks About Technical SEO Guides For Small Businesses

what is the best guide for a small business seo company

Google’s John Mueller revealed that the way small companies do SEO is shifting in a way that many small business SEO companies aren’t keeping up with. He said many published blog posts and articles on the Internet covering small business SEO in the UK and beyond are based on a “traditional” approach.

He emphasises the importance of adjusting expert opinions and messaging to reflect how small businesses are most likely to engage with SEO. This subject was addressed during the Google Search Central SEO office-hours hangout, which took place on 8 October 2021.

A person wrote in, admitting that he had just started learning SEO to launch a small business website. They asked Mueller for some direction, and this resulted in him remarking on the outdated suggestions that the Internet offers.

Google’s John Mueller On Small Business SEO

Mueller claims that there are numerous useful SEO start guides accessible on the Internet, including those from industry experts. He said that the guidance is generally correct since there isn’t much false information about the fundamentals of SEO out there.

Beginner’s guides, on the other hand, are out of touch with how businesses construct and improve websites. Someone who is just getting started using a simple site builder may be confused since the starter guides discuss optimising HTML pages.

These articles, according to Mueller, are often focused on building HTML pages. However, when small businesses go online, most of them no longer develop HTML pages; instead, they use WordPress, Wix, or one of the other common hosting services and create their content by adding text, images, and other elements. They do not even think about HTML.

Mueller believes that starter guides tend to be overly technical. While many starter guides instruct writers on modifying title elements using HTML, SEO for small companies is largely about filling in fields.

For instance, individuals don’t look at the HTML anymore, nor do they attempt to modify it. Instead, they focus on finding the field in whatever hosting system they’re using and think about what should go there. Mueller believes these instructions do not match what beginners are doing when they build websites for the first time. He also said that things would probably shift to cover this topic a little bit better.

Publishers who create material for SEO beginners should remember to make a basic guide. Instead of writing code, teach beginners how to modify the appearance of their website in the search results using CMS fields.

Mueller reassured small businesses and beginners that SEO is not as scary as it appears. According to him, although SEO starter guides might feel super technical, the actual work done is actually much simpler. Usually, this entails filling in fields and making sure that the links are all in place.

Most sites were created using HTML code, CSS, and PHP in 2005. Each of these was tough to master because they required time and effort to study.

That’s why most people still believe that building a website from the ground up is difficult or requires extensive coding and design abilities – but this isn’t true anymore.

In 2021, content management systems or CMS, such as Wix or WordPress, have made it possible for anyone to create a website. To put it another way, a CMS (or website building platform) is a user-friendly platform for developing websites and managing online content rather than constructing one from the ground up using HTML, PHP, and other coding languages.

Two Things Needed For Building A Website Using Free Platforms

SEO beginners must first decide on which platform they want to build their website on, like WordPress or Wix.

Next, they should find a host and a domain name. Website hosting is a service that connects one’s site to the Internet, while a domain name is a web address, like yoursitename.com. Although many platforms, like WordPress, are free, hosting and domain names are not. However, the monthly cost is considerably lower than a cup of coffee.

One needs to have their own domain name instead of using a free domain belonging to someone else. This ensures that the website looks more professional. Also, having a good hosting service can help them ensure that the website doesn’t go down and loads quickly. This is essential for all those who visit the site.

The Most Common Problems For SEO Beginners

Many small firms are too busy — they simply don’t have time to learn SEO. Even if they had the opportunity, they’d most likely run into the same difficulties as many other small businesses: they don’t have much technical knowledge. SEO isn’t overly difficult, but “being computer-savvy” is a must.

The second problem is that businesses typically don’t have the necessary funds. Hiring marketing personnel to complete the task is the more costly half of it. However, SEO itself is not expensive.

Some SEO services can indeed be expensive, but this is usually because some agencies charge for services that are not even needed most of the time. The best way to save money with SEO is to learn how it works and then find out which specific services one’s business needs. For company owners who feel lost on what to do, it’s highly recommended to hire a reliable small business SEO company that can provide personalised service packages based on their specific needs.

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what is the best guide for a small business seo company min
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