Page Load Time: How To Pass Mobilegeddon Algorithm

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When Google launched Mobilegeddon, SEO marketing agencies and businesses started to focus more on their website's page load time; not because there was an increase in demand from mobile visitors, but because they were losing potential leads and customers. Page speed influences a site's ranking on the search engine results pages, but how do SEO agencies and website owners know if their websites are fast enough?

The Mobilegeddon was a mobile ranking update that Google launched on 21 April, which focused on the mobile-friendliness of websites. A site is considered as "mobile-friendly" if it meets the following criteria:

  • avoids uncommon mobile device software like Flash
  • uses readable fonts so that readers do not have to zoom in
  • the content adapts to the size of the screen, so readers do not have to zoom in or scroll horizontally
  • its links are placed far enough apart so readers can easily tap the correct URL

All the requirements mentioned above improve user experience, but the primary ranking factor is the length of page loading time. Slow websites make for awful user experience, and can even force visitors to close the tab and turn to competitor websites.

Professional SEO marketing agencies often advise their clients to monitor bounce rates, either in Google Analytics or other comparable metric trackers. It's also recommended for businesses to observe their page load time by using a Chrome extension named "Page Load Time" or other similar trackers. Doing so will help them improve their site's user experience and win more customers in the process.

Most ecommerce websites aim for a loading speed of two seconds, which is shorter than one breath. However, at Google, developers usually aim for page speed of less than a half-second, which is already close to blinking. Professional SEOs and webmasters also found out that visitors read less when a website loads slower or when there are page load times delays.

Businesses and SEO agencies should make their website as fast as possible without compromising the user experience. There are many factors that can either make or break a website's page speed: web hosting provider, device, browser, and the page's content. One should always make sure that they are focusing on their readers' needs to make their website page speed a success.

For instance, if a website owner strips down their site to improve its speed for mobile users, but 90 per cent of their visitors are desktop users, then improving the site's mobile-friendliness is, without a doubt, counterproductive. The SEO community should always know how the aspects of their websites may affect their desktop visitors' experience if taken away.

There are many ways for businesses and webmasters to have a good page load time of one to two seconds. Studies show that most site visitors do not return to the same website after experiencing horrible delays. Slow website speed hurts not only your website's rankings but also the trust and authority you have built for years of search engine optimisation.

With that said, you should work with the best SEO professionals who can improve your website's performance and usability, giving you peace of mind that you are meeting your customers' needs.

Here at Position1SEO, we will help you optimise your web pages so that its elements will not hinder your website visitors from reading fresh and relevant content. We can also help you optimise your website's pictures and videos in various ways, such as using the best file format and resizing them to improve the page loading time.

Aside from these, our experts can help minimise the amount of CSS and JavaScript files on your website, as these can slow your loading speed down to a crawl. We can also employ many other ways to make your site load faster, such as using website caching, reducing the number of plugins, and more.

If you need help with your website load speed, contact Position1SEO today on 0141 846 0114. You may also email us at office@position1seo.co.uk for written concerns.

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Author: Jason Ferry
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