Search Marketers Share Insights On The December 2020 Google Core Update

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Many professional SEO firms, especially those that work in the search marketing industry, expressed their opinions on the latest Core Update that Google launched for December 2020. Their observations of what changed can help providers of professional SEO services deliver higher-quality strategies to their clients.work in the search marketing industry,ttributes that could also affect the quality of their work.or

In the past, Google worked a lot on their updates, but the SEO community did not notice the changes. For instance, the BERT algorithm was one of the most significant updates, but a lot of SEOs could not determine what exactly changed.

There are many other algorithms that Google will implement and update in the future. One expected algorithm is the Siamese Multi-depth Transformer-based Hierarchical (SMITH) algorithm, which was described in a research paper in April 2020. The algorithm helps the search engine easily understand long pages of content – pretty much outperforming BERT.

The BERT algorithm works perfectly, but this model is only limited to understanding short phrases or only one paragraph due to input text length, as well as the content’s complexity. The search engine company is currently proposing the SMITH algorithm for long-form document matching.

The SMITH algorithm is an update of an existing feature, which is BERT. If Google launches the SMITH algorithm, the search marketing community and other SEOs would have difficulty detecting the things that have changed.

Therefore, it is crucial for professional SEO firms and website owners to learn all they can about the new core updates from Google so they can improve upon their existing techniques. This year, Google mostly worked on improving user experience, web page crawling, ranking factors, and so on.

One SEO said that Google’s new core update was unique as some of the lower-ranking websites that they worked on ended up getting a rankings boost on the search engine results page. In contrast, some websites that started with high ranks experienced drops.

The core update is likely to have caused these fluctuations, and the SEO suspects that it may have something to do with signals that cascade, where the update causes a result, but once the system processes this new calculation, it will produce another outcome.

They are not sure about the other underlying factors involved in the new update. The current algorithm will officially include the Core Web Vitals in their system in May 2021. Therefore, they think that the SEO community can finalise their professional SEO services and strategies by the end of January once Google announces what they are trying to implement and why.

According to another SEO expert, it would probably be better to look at the bigger picture instead of focusing on the latest Google core update. They also believe that it would be better to put updates into the context of what the SEO community already knows regarding the search engine results pages.

For instance, manual actions significantly dropped in Google Search Console, which raises the question if Google is getting better at ranking websites without resorting to manual actions.

They also added that the SEO community should not look at websites that increased or dropped in ranks because individual URLs played a huge role in these results. Therefore, looking at a website’s visibility on the search engine results pages does not give any useful clue.

There are many other search marketers with varying opinions and perspectives, but most of them observed that there were no obvious changes or factors that stood out. The lack of noticeable changes could mean that Google’s core updates can be related to Natural Language Processing (NLP) or AI; however, all this is speculation until Google makes its official announcement.

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