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Social Media - October 15, 2021Social Media - October 15, 2021Social Media - October 15, 2021Social Media - October 15, 2021
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Social Media - October 15, 2021Social Media - October 15, 2021Social Media - October 15, 2021
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Social Media - October 15, 2021
Social Media - October 15, 2021

Social Media – Boosting Your Online Profile

Social media is one of those areas of internet marketing that we know we need to work on, but it can be difficult to see where the returns are coming from. In addition, it is a very time consuming area, particularly when you are running a business and time is already at a premium. Consequently it is something that many of us tend to neglect, dismissing it as something for teenagers. However, this is in fact an important area and if you are trying to progress in business you ignore it at your peril, particularly when it comes to search engine optimisation. Did you know that Google is not only interested in your website when it is looking at where to place you in its search rankings? In fact, it is also looking at your web authority, searching for the most reliable source of information in your sector.

Web authority is based on three things, social signals, authority signals and content signals, and as you might expect, social media is part of the social signals. These are particularly important when it comes to building a following for your business. Most people have a profile on at least one of the major social media platforms and social media marketing allows you to interact with both other businesses in your sector and potential customers. This not only builds your authority with Google but also with your human audience, which after all is the ultimate goal. Unfortunately, as we’ve already said, this can be quite time consuming. Like all SEO nowadays, this is something that requires lots of human interaction, not merely a program running in the background. Fortunately there are professional social media services available that can deal with this for you.

Social Media Services From Position1SEO

If you are looking for social media management to assist you with your SEO, Position1SEO are the best possible firm to choose. When it comes to your social media, we will maintain social media profiles for you on all the major platforms, for example Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Don’t worry if you don’t already have profiles set up, we can create them for you if necessary. We will update your profiles at least once a week and monitor them daily, responding to any interactions that may have occurred. We will also deal with your authority signals, by monitoring daily blogs sites on the hunt for conversations specific to your industry that we can get involved in on your behalf, and content signals, by submitting content as guest blogs to reputable high-ranking sites. This will all be designed to boost your online profile as well as driving traffic to your website.

Although social media for business is one of our specialities, it is not the only thing we deal with. We are first and foremost SEO experts and this means that we will also be able to help you optimise your website, taking it to the front page of Google. We will do this using tried and tested techniques, which we have honed over our ten years in the industry, combined with analysis specific to your website to ensure that we are developing the best possible strategy for your business. We will find the most relevant search terms for your business and their rank value so that you can make an informed choice regarding which you wish us to use for your website. We will then create top quality unique content to be posted on your website, fully optimised for the relevant keyphrases to give you the best possible chance of getting to where you want to be.

In addition to all this, we also provide a link building service. This include yet more top quality content, engagingly written and directly connected to your sector. You may be aware that back links range in quality from PR0 to PR7, and not only do we provide a package consisting of a selection of the highest quality links, we have also made it possible for you to purchase one-off links as and when you need. For more information on these links, and the keyphrase packages we have available that encompass the majority of our SEO service, including everything we can do for you when it comes to social media, please visit our website at www.position1seo.co.uk. We would love to hear from you, so if you have any questions at all on the service we can provide please do get in contact on 0141 404 7515.

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