The Most Recently Awarded Google Patents Before The End Of 2020

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New search patents were updated by Google last week, giving SEOs and webmasters better insights on how to improve their SEO content writing. Being up-to-date with the latest Google patents can better boost website rankings and increase website visibility on the search engine results page. It takes a lot of time to understand how Google patents work, but doing so is crucial for businesses that are looking to take their SEO content strategy to the next level.

One of the patents was focused on using machine learning to identify opinions in documents. It can be hard for a computing system to understand textual content like blog posts and news articles because, when it comes to SEO content writing, publishers usually write in high-quality language and syntax, especially in professional news journalism. Moreover, it is more difficult for computing systems to compare a news article to other published content written by different journalists.

The patent uses methods and systems to classify "portions" of the content, which are sentences, phrases, and paragraphs of blogs, news articles, and web pages.

In some implementations, the portions of the content page that were classified as opinions are included in an informational display depending on how important they are to a search query, as well as their ranking.

The SEO community could also imply that the patent may limit the user from receiving new information because the search results page only shows high-ranking information depending on their search queries.

Another Google patent was focused on the personalisation of search page results using categories, terms, and link-based user profiles. The patent discussed the Random Surfer/PageRank approach, which is the core element of links, as well as its limitations. The goal is to have a more personalised approach and profile ranking to customise the search results pages.

The patent's abstract states that a search engine user who looks for random information has never existed because each person has their own preferences when they type in their queries. The answers that the engine should provide must be evaluated depending on how satisfied the searcher was.

A searcher can only be satisfied with the answers if their preferences are well defined by the query itself. But if their preference is biased due to personal factors that cannot be identified in their search queries, the answers that the search engine provides may be less useful or entirely useless to what the searcher is looking for.

The last Google patent that was recently awarded was about knowledge panels in an application setting. The patent discusses that it requests for a knowledge panel and that it determines a factual "entity" that's relevant to the content from a website.

An "entity" could be anything - a person, a historical event, a song, and a game - or any appropriate entity. And it seems that users often need to give more contextual information when typing in their queries in the search engine. For instance, a user may be writing a blog post that describes bears in the Smokey Mountains. The question that the searcher needs to type in should have more information to get relevant answers.

In some implementations, the knowledge panel will give summarised information for an entity. For example, if a searcher types in a query about a particular singer, a knowledge panel may be displayed, showing photos of the singer, their name, their songs and albums, and other detailed information.

Knowledge panels may also provide granular information. So, if the query is about the singer's childhood, it can present information about the singer's hometown, previous schools, and so on.

Identifying these Google patents is crucial because it gives hints to businesses and webmasters about Google's algorithm systems and the kind of content that Google's search engine is requiring from websites.

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