This Is What You Should Know About Algorithm Update Recovery

Algorithm Update Recovery

In a recent webmaster hangout, a question about what site owners and SEO experts should do about algorithm update recovery was brought up. The question stated that the recent big core updates from Google seem to be provoking drastic changes in the search results for several keywords. The hangout participant who asked the question also stated that it’s quite weird for a site to stop being relevant for several keywords for some time then suddenly back again.

While Google’s John Mueller said that he agrees with all these, he clarified that the updates they make for their algorithms are essential to enhance things across the board. He then added that feedback from people including SEO professionals and users could help them improve their algorithms over time. He even mentioned that it’s also imperative to give examples of the keywords that Google is getting wrong.

What’s more, it’s said that most updates feature false positives. These false positives are algorithm changes that lead to a site being incorrectly seen as irrelevant for a particular keyword phrase. Traditionally, this is because the website was mistaken for being spammy. However, with algorithms these days, the reason could be because the website is mistakenly seen as irrelevant even though it is.

This interesting SEO news first appeared on https://www.searchenginejournal.com/what-to-do-rankings-decline/275529/. Click here for more information.

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algorithm update recovery
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