Three Efficient And Affordable Marketing Strategies For Start-Ups

how can you come up with an effective seo marketing strategy

Start-ups can have a hard time improving their brand’s presence as they struggle to find the right SEO marketing strategy that would help their business. Moreover, new companies usually follow strict budgets and have limited cash flow, making things even more challenging. Therefore, start-ups must balance their spending and find affordable SEO marketing services or efficient strategies and channels for higher returns on investment.

Meanwhile, one should also build sustainable acquisition funnels that they can scale as they expand their business. SEO can be relatively “slow” when it comes to return on investment, but this can be true only in certain situations and strategies. If a company invests in SEO during its early stages, it can establish an acquisition funnel and even boost its brand visibility. In addition to this, start-ups can also retain clients and provide them with further customer assistance.

Below are three fantastic SEO marketing strategies that start-ups can use to expand their business, regardless of their industry.

1. Invest In Support Centre Content

Generally, SEOs break pages and keywords on a SaaS website down into non-commercial and commercial, or bottom of the funnel and top of the funnel. By doing so, marketers can match their content to user intent better. However, most companies neglect “support” content.

Companies usually invest in support platforms and specialist CRM, then map them as a support subdomain and write a few FAQs and answers. However, this is not what one would usually call an investment. Some business owners are even hesitant about placing well-written content on the subdomain because it is the subdomain. Others ignore most questions, particularly search phrases, because tools show them low search volume or none at all. Lastly, other businesses dismiss them because it does not fit a particular persona that they have identified.

Although personas can help marketing teams, businesses should not rely on them too much or use them as strict guidelines from which they build all their marketing channels – even SEO. Instead, by investing in Support sections and receiving feedback from sales and customer service teams, one can build it using the standard FAQ-style support articles.

They can also use several niche or edge case and compatibility support articles. Otherwise, other publishers will answer these questions in their product comparison blog posts, developer forums, or different types of content published outside of the website.

Therefore, a business should involve itself in conversations about its products and services, especially if its potential customers search for content related to its offers – most likely articles or blog posts that can answer their questions about their brand.

Business owners should identify their customers’ questions by looking at threads in developer forums, conversations on their website’s live chat and their sales team, or content from competitors and third-party sites that compare products and services.

2. Optimise Content For Pain Points

Many businesses find themselves having a hard time dealing with keyword search volumes. Often, this is because they have existing competitors that have established a similar brand or because their customers haven’t adopted their products on a larger scale.

The problem is, start-ups usually think that pain points are product features or solutions. Although it is a good thought, a list of sales messaging or features does not always solve the user’s pain points directly or even give insights on why they are even there in the first place.

For instance, in several traditional verticals, SEOs would often take a high search volume term like a head term and then work backwards. However, things become complicated if there are no head terms. Sometimes, SEOs might also be unable to make a keyphrase rank for traffic-driving positions in the short term because of competition and other factors outside their control.

What SEOs should do is analyse the scenario where their product would offer a solution. They should forget their sales tag lines and product features and instead look at “why” their customers need their offers.

Critical thinking and analysis are strong SEO marketing strategies, allowing one to identify new messages to implement or content that other competitors might not have thought of. It also helps one to provide answers to questions that solution-unaware customers know how to ask. SEOs will most likely discover a lot of this information during persona development or when planning Go To Market strategies (GTMs).

Although this strategy might have low search volumes, answering these questions does not take too many resources. Some questions only need one or two sentences to answer correctly before linking to informative sources, blog articles, or commercial pages. Therefore, SEOs can use these shorter articles in their Support section if there are issues with the word count on their main website.

3. Balance Gated And Ungated Content

Start-ups should know when they should gate content and when not to. Gated content refers to content made to be lead generative, like webinars, e-books, and whitepapers. However, this strategy can cause conflicts between marketing and sales early on.

Generally, it will result in a lead gen form and page optimisation for a few high search volume questions with little user value proposition. This content does not rank well, nor does it drive the leads that it’s supposed to because competitors will usually have ungated content that answers similar questions. Therefore, one will face challenges from other stakeholders if they make content that has the same value proposition as the gated content.

In this case, SEOs can un-gate their content to build and scale assets to get more site traffic. Then, they can ask for contact information once they have established a trusting relationship with their audience.

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how can you come up with an effective seo marketing strategy
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