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When the art of SEO and writing techniques are used together, a business can achieve genuine digital success and improve user experience, search engine rankings, and the brand as a whole, whether personal or commercial. The most efficient SEO content strategies come from the perfect combination of deep knowledge about writing SEO content, topical expertise, and the best white-hat SEO tactics.

For businesses to rank well in the search engine results pages (SERPs), it’s critical to have a solid grasp of SEO. One must properly identify keywords and link them to relevant content because readers can instantly determine an authoritative voice from a fake one.

Below are some of the best writing tips for all content writers, regardless of their business niche.

1. Conduct keyword research first

An SEO’s writing must be found first before it can make an impression on the target audience. Therefore, keyword research should always come first before anything else. With keyword research, an SEO will know exactly what to write about because they’ll learn the different ways their target audience looks for content.

Moreover, even if Google’s search engine becomes very intelligent, it likely still won’t be able to identify the best voice in a piece of writing. But with keywords present, SEOs have a chance to be heard.

2. Consider keyword research as an art

There are many ways to conduct keyword research. For beginners, they can search for many keyword research-related articles available on the Internet.

One should research, test, and determine what works for them. They should also consider the fact that the SEO industry and keyword trends can change significantly in a matter of months, and they should plan their strategies accordingly.

3. Study competitor keywords

There are many tools on the market that assist SEOs in identifying competitor keywords. A piece of advice, however: one should only take keywords and avoid studying the competitor’s writing tactics. Otherwise, writers might copy their competitors’ writing styles and sound like them. In the end, they will struggle to write original content.

4. Mention keywords in important parts of the content

One should mention their keywords in title tags, internal links, alt attributes of images, meta descriptions, and headline tags to send strong signals of the content’s intent to search engines.

5. Take advantage of bold and bullet points

Google always notices bold and bullet points, especially when choosing a piece of text to show as featured snippets.

6. Writing effective title tags

SEOs should ensure that the chosen keyword is included in the title tag, preferably toward the front. They should also consider that title tags should only be 60 characters max.

Writing title tags need time and effort. One should think about storytelling while keeping it simple. Moreover, a title tag should entice the target audience to increase click-through rates.

7. Include related keywords

When writing a piece of content, writers should not stuff keywords in without a strategy in mind. SEOs should have a list of topically relevant keywords handy as they write after extensive keyword research. And as long as they stay on topic, they will likely integrate related keywords naturally in the content.

8. Add target keywords in the meta descriptions

Although Google does not use meta descriptions as a ranking signal, they can boost click-through rates. Users usually see the target keywords in meta descriptions as bold, and bolding attracts eyes. Using keywords in meta descriptions will encourage users to click rather than scroll down.

Also, the meta description should sound like ad copy. The objective is to pique the reader’s interest enough to persuade them to click on the link.

9. Write and rewrite until it is right

SEO content writing is all about routine and process. One cannot make a piece of high-quality content without repeated writing, pruning, and shaping of information.

10. Outline and plan content

It’s simpler for the mind to think in chunks and see them as a whole. Most writers want to write in a stream-of-consciousness style, but SEO writing is different from writing a novel. SEOs write for businesses and promote them to achieve success.

Therefore, writers should organise headlines for SEO with keywords and fill the blanks. Those headlines can be more important than the words that follow them at times. So, one should ensure that those headlines scream out ideas, and the words beneath shout in support of those thoughts.

11. Write daily

A muscle grows when a person repeatedly exercises and rests, and the mind works similarly. Therefore, writers should write daily to exercise their writing muscles and relax afterwards in order to recover.

12. Turn off the Wi-Fi

A common technique for keeping one’s attention is by preventing the mind from responding to anything outside its focus. Distractions can alter an individual’s emotional state, and the Internet is full of them. To combat this, one can turn their Wi-Fi off while writing to remove all distractions.

If there is a need to do a quick Google search to answer questions immediately, one can ask their digital assistant to do it for them, whether it’s Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

13. Do not wait for inspiration

Waiting for inspiration to start before writing is useless. SEOs will not need inspiration if they actually enjoy writing. Writers who are serious about producing material on a daily basis make writing a part of their lifestyle. Practising enhances their ability to express themselves and develop discipline. A great piece of content worth reading can never be made without practice.

14. Write about interesting topics

One can perfect their craft as a writer if they write about what makes them happy—regardless of whether or not it will make them a lot of money. The more a person writes, the better they will get. Short writing may also be quite motivational (irrespective of how ridiculous they appear or feel at times).

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Author: Jason Ferry
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