Transforming Data into Insights and Effective SEO Strategies

how can I improve my SEO strategy for a website

An SEO strategy for websites becomes more effective if data is transformed into valuable insights. After gathering all that data, what good is it if companies and site owners don’t use it to create better SEO strategies? There’s so much that can be accomplished when an SEO strategy is used correctly with Google Analytics and Data Studio. One can pull data, transform it into insights, and then utilise it to gain customers, help them, and keep them happy.

The most important step in using data to one’s benefit is learning how to turn problems into solutions. Here’s how to get started:

1. Working with Data

The most significant limitation to maximising the use of Google Analytics is data. To get the most out of this important tool, you’ll need easy access to high-quality data in one location.


Setting up a dashboard

Taking data from Google Analytics and other sources and combining it into a dashboard is a typical challenge for consumers. This is not a unique problem for any user, though. One of the main problems for analytics and measurement experts in the study “Global State of Consumer Analytics Survey” (Forrester/Burtch Works Q3 2019) was obtaining high-quality data from various sources for analytics and measurement professionals.

A well-designed dashboard will interpret and display information in a way that allows users to better relate to their target audience. A dashboard needs to provide the amount of specific data on the target audience’s activity and their campaign performance. This will allow users to make key business decisions that positively affect their revenue.

Attempting DIY solutions

Many businesses struggle to build an excellent dashboard on their own, even though data access is a major concern. Unfortunately, most of these companies do not have the resources or know-how to complete these tasks themselves, and that is completely understandable.

So, what then is the effect of not having an efficient dashboard?

It’s critical to understand an effective dashboard that has important data on your audience and their activities, as well as data from other relevant sources, can significantly affect the direction of your SEO tactics.

However, to turn insights into actionable items in an SEO strategy, companies and site owners must first determine if their internal resources can establish and keep a sustainable approach for enriching, ingesting, harmonising, and visualising data so that the proper department in an organisation can use it effectively.


Everything should be kept in one place

Consider data as a series of activities. If your data is mostly incomplete, you would not want to rely on it, especially if your SEO strategy may take one of two directions: focusing on search volumes and rankings (not advisable) or focusing on the audience, shopping experience, their behaviour, and profit (ideal).

The main goal of Data Studio is to sync all your data from various sources, including Google Analytics, and present them in one place. If your information is largely complete and readily accessible, this may be a good place to start.


If an organisation’s team doesn’t have the time or the passion for learning something new on their own, setting them up with a training course or providing them with a few hours of daily coaching from an expert would be ideal.

Bring in a Consultant

Consultants may be costly up-front, but they can assist you in gaining insights and answers sooner and more proficiently, leading to a large return on investment.

Prioritise teamwork and synchronise goals and processes

Smooth planning and communication are essential for an effective SEO strategy for website development. It’s critical to establish definite user-focused KPIs and how the appropriate data will help you accomplish goals at the start.

For example, if the goal is to improve customer retention, what data is required to determine how many customers can be retained as possible? Once the retention ratings have been gathered, what measures need to be taken next? Is everyone in the team up to speed regarding the strategy?

2. Working with a Dashboard

Many companies have access to loads of data from various sources but have little idea about their targeted customers. Deciding how to use important data on a dashboard is critical in exploring options and transforming insights into actions.

Challenge: Identifying the Audience

Personalisation is required to understand the audience’s demands and maximise their activities and presence. That being said, clean, high-quality information from trustworthy sources isn’t always enough.

Segmenting users is a good place to start. Still, it won’t provide users with the necessary data to get the most value from their investment.

A brand’s audience has plenty of alternatives to choose from these days. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a Dashboard with a comprehensive picture of a business’ target audience (more than just their behaviour, location, and device preferences).


Create a Dashboard that is tailored to the business’s target audience and marketing campaigns

Deciding which components to include on the dashboard can be tricky since there are plenty of options with varying effectiveness.

With this in mind, consider creating a user-centric dashboard to effectively gain data and insights about the target audience. Rather than simply attracting new clients, data may also be utilised to cross-sell, upsell, and retain existing ones.

3. Transforming Data and Turning it into Actionable SEO tactics

Now is the opportunity to maximise the value put into data-gathering efforts and creating an appropriate dashboard. This is where deciding on the best SEO strategy for the greatest impact on the business is established.

Transform Data into Profitable Insights for Business with Position1SEO

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how can I improve my SEO strategy for a website min
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