What You Should Know When Identifying And Deprioritising Render-Blocking Resources

Render-Blocking Resources

As most SEO experts and webmasters know, optimising the critical rendering path is necessary to improve the page load time in displaying visual content – allowing user interaction. However, it is important to note that this action demands you to prioritise the resources required to render above-the-fold content. And you will begin by identifying and reducing the number of render-blocking resources.

For you to be able to identify render-blocking resources, you can utilise the webpagetest.org to run a test and examine your waterfall view. From there, search for requested JavaScript or CSS files before the green “start render” link that aren’t necessary for loading the above-the-fold content. You can then test the potentially render-blocking scripts by removing it and see if it has any effects on the above-the-fold content.

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render blocking resources
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