Why You Should Start Using Google Correlate Right Now

Google Correlate

One of the rarely used SEO tools out there is the Google Correlate. It was developed in 2011 when Google realised that correlating real-time world data with search trends is an effective way to build predictive models. Unlike Google Trends that identifies the patterns of keywords, Google Correlate take notes of patterns to identify keywords instead. It determines keywords with identical regional or time-based patterns to the provided search queries and data series.

Google Correlate holds trending data for all phrase-match search terms that goes beyond a particular threshold of search volume and endurance. It utilises an Approximate Nearest Neighbour (ANN) and Asymmetric Hashing algorithm to provide accurate results quickly. Also, it uses the Pearson correlation to compare normalised query data to identify the highest correlative terms. Through this tool, users can target customers even before they’re ready, discover regional distinctions, understand your seasonal antithesis, and more.

In Google Correlate, users can choose different methods on how to get results. They can focus on time-based or US state-based correlation. They can also type in queries, draw a trend line freehand, or upload their own data.

However, this tool has been dismissed by most SEO experts and other professionals because of its substantial dataset, problematic user interface, and being stuck in beta version for seven years. But its advantages cannot be denied. So if you want to try something new for your online marketing strategies, Google Correlate is worth a try.

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