Start-Up Website

5 Things To Consider To Make Your Start-Up Website SEO-Friendly

Posted on 04-23-2018

To assure that your start-up website is up to date, it’s important to know the essential things when it comes to SEO. With that being said, here are some things to take into consideration: 1. Site architecture – Check all Read More

Voice Search

2 Things You Must Do When Optimising For Voice Search

One of the most popular SEO questions that have been running around today is how to optimise content or web pages for voice search. Some say that traditional search engine optimisation is the best available answer, but actually, it is Read More

Mobile-First Index

5 Tips On Preparing Your Website For The Mobile-First Index By Google

Posted on 04-20-2018

Google has now started to implement its mobile-first index, which prioritises mobile versions of websites when querying its index. This is a significant change for search marketers, and you must make sure that your website is optimised for mobile. In Read More

Manual Penalty

These Are The Things You Should Know About Recovering From A Manual Penalty

A lot of website publishers nowadays are having SEO issues with recovering from manual penalties. So to help out publishers, John Mueller from Google explains why reconsideration requests fail and how these can be solved. The first reason for failed Read More

Schema Markup

Here Are 4 Underutilised Schema Markup Opportunities Your Website Needs Right Now

Posted on 04-19-2018

While schema markup is said to not be a ranking factor in search engine optimisation, it helps your website acquire better rankings indirectly, improves the crawling of content on your website, and a lot more. Most websites today that are Read More

Content Relevance

This Is Why Content Relevance Is Important To Google

Google conduct updates a couple of times a year, and these changes can make an impact on websites often made by SEO companies. Last March, on the 7th to be exact, there was an algorithm update which has been assumed Read More