Google loves what we do… We don’t try to cheat them or circumvent them in any way, we don’t use Black Hat techniques, we just give them exactly what they want and in return they give us rankings other companies simply cannot deliver!

We break every project down into the 12 Phases detailed below, each of which is absolutely essential to the success of your SEO. Cutting corners now will only lead to poor rankings later.

If speed is important all 12 Phases can be delivered in just 3 Months…

If you want the very best SEO but budgets are tight, we can extend the delivery and spread your investments over 6 months…

PHASE 1 – Keyword & Competitor Research

In-Depth Keyword & competition analysis
Competitor SEO analysis
Quantified analysis of the keyphrases that give the best ROI
Internal Architecture Silo Blueprint
Delivery Time: 3 Working Days

PHASE 2 – Full Website SEO Health Check

Website Review & Recommendations
Web Based Reporting System Set-up
On-Page Review & Recommendations
Google Local review
Directory Citation report pdf
Backlink Reports
Ranking Report for target keyphrases
Domain Health Check Report
Google Search Console Overview Report
IP Address Review Report
Link Audit Report with Detox Recommendations
Site Load Speed Report with Speed Optimisation Recommendations
Malware and Blacklist Check Report
Mobile and Desktop Page Speed Insights Report (from Google)
Mobilegeddon Report (Mobile-Friendliness)
SEO Review Report
W3C Validation Report
SSL Certificate Validation Report
Social Media report
Delivery Time: 4 Working Days

PHASE 3 – Directory Citations

Google Local Review Report
Google Local set-up if not done
Google Analytics account set-up if not done
Google Webmaster Tool set-up if not done
Update Name, Address and Phone Number on site (NAP)
Update NAP on any existing Citations
Build new National Directory Citations (10-20)
Build new Local Directory Citations (5-10)
Build new Industry Directory Citations (5-10)
Delivery Time: 7 Working Days

PHASE 4 – Content Creation and Silo Installation

Prerequisite: Phase 1 and Full Access to GWT
Silo page design template
Professional writing for each keyphrase to create keyword rich content
Include semantic relevant keyphrases
Insert high relevance outbound link
Insert markup language for rich snippets & authorship
Zip files with installation guide
XML Sitemap for Google
Robots.txt file
Data Highlight relevant content
Delivery Time: 21 Working Days

PHASE 5 – Linkbuilding for Homepage and Existing Pages with Rankings

Ranking analysis to get the existing pages with rankings on Google
Build Level 1 links using the pages with rankings and also the homepage
Build Level 2 links to the Level 1 links
Ahrefs analysis to get the existing quality and authority backlinks
Run Level 2 campaigns for the selected backlinks
Delivery Time: 7 Working Days

PHASE 6 – Adwords for the Tier 3s

Create an Adword campaign for exact match keywords using the Tier 3s
Delivery Time: 7 Working Days

PHASE 7 – Social Media

Creation and linking to social profiles for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin
Build up followers for Social Media profiles (50-100 new followers)
Enter the Google+ circles of key influencers both locally & for the relevant niche and try to get them in your Circles
Get followers for the Google+ Local page (50-100 new followers)
Niche influencer identification
Get new Shares, Favourites and +1′s (50-100)
Social Media Content (3)
Social Media Posting (3)
Delivery Time: 14 Working Days

PHASE 8 – Linkbuilding – Local & Niche

Create content for linkbuilding (2)
Local related Link opportunity analysis
Build Local Directory links (5-10)
Build Local Blog links (2-5)
Build Local News links (2-5)
Niche related Link opportunity analysis
Niche Related Directory links (2-5)
Niche Blog Commenting (2-5)
Niche Forum Commenting (2-5)
Niche Yahoo Answers commenting (2-5)
Build 200 x Level 2 & 2,000 x Level 3 links to these to create massive additional power
Delivery Time: 7 Working Days

PHASE 9 – Linkbuilding – High PR Articles

Create content for linkbuilding (2)
Build Industry Forum links (2-5)
Build Article Links (5-10)
Build links in Q & A sites (2-5)
Build Wiki Links (2-5)
Build Press Release Links (5-10)
Build High PR Web 2.0 Links (20-30)
Social bookmarking
Build 200 x Level 2 & 2,000 x Level 3 links to these to create massive additional power
Delivery Time: 7 Working Days

PHASE 10 – Linkbuilding – High PR Video & Audio

Write content to support video & audio creation (1)
Create audio files (1) and build Audio links (2-5)
Create image files (5-10) and build Image links (5-10)
Create videos (1) and build Video links (2-5)
Create PDF files (1) and build PDF links (5-10)
Build 200 x Level 2 & 2,000 x Level 3 links to these to create massive additional power
Delivery Time: 14 Working Days

PHASE 11 – Blog & News Management

Set up a Blog on the site (if they do not have one yet)
Create original high quality article content (3)
Find an Image for the Blog Post (3)
Publish Each Blog at the Client’s Preferred Schedule
Create Social Signals to Each Blog Post
Write Press Release (1)
Publish Press Release thru multiple channels
Set up RSS Feed
Delivery Time: 14 Working Days

PHASE 12 – Reviews & CTR

Build Profiles & Promotional pages
Set up accounts on top 5 Review Sites
Set up accounts on 3-5 Niche Review Sites
Build Reviews (5-10 on each site)
Gather Ratings & Reviews (5-10 on each site)
Improve sites Click Thru Rate
Improve sites Dwell Time
Delivery Time: 14 Working Days

*Client to complete or we will provide a quote for the additional work involved

The overall investments are the same and the work completed is identical but this enables clients with suitable budgets to halve the delivery times of their SEO.
Phase 1 & 2 can be completed within 7 days
Phase 3 & 4 can be completed within 30 days
Phase 5, 6 & 7 can be completed within 60 days
Phase 8, 9 & 10 can be completed within 90 days
Phase 11 & 12 can be completed within 120 days

Whatever the package, we start every project by ensuring the structure of your website properly indicates to the search engines that you are a leading authority in your niche by creating Themed Silos… staggeringly 99.99% of websites DO NOT do this !!!

A few pages in a random structure with content that is not written in the right way will NEVER deliver the best possible rankings; it is essential your site is seen by the search engines as an encyclopaedia of all knowledge related to your industry and that is exactly what Themed Silos do.

There are three silo options to choose from depending on the number of keyphrases you would like to target, although for larger clients we will complete multiple Super Silos, which further improves the rankings of all pages.

STANDARD SILO is £199 per Phase (Only £8.65 per keyphrase)
23 x Keyphrase Themed Silo
1 x Biggest Traffic Highest Competition keyphrase – Tier 1
2 x Best Value related keyphrases with highest traffic & lower competition – Tier 2
10 x 2 x Lower comp long tail keyphrases – Tier 3


POWER SILO is £398 per Phase (Only £7.10 per keyphrase)
56 x Keyphrase Themed Silo
1 x Tier 1
5 x Tier 2
10 x 5 x Tier 3


SUPER SILO is £597 per Phase (Only £5.97 per keyphrase)
100 x Keyphrase Themed Silo
1 x Tier 1
9 x Tier 2
10 x 9 x Tier 3

To ensure everything that MUST be done for every SEO project is completed properly, we simply ask for a minimum investment of 1 Standard Silo and the completion of all 12 Phases as this is absolutely essential for SEO success.

Phase 1 is paid upon confirmation and invoices for each subsequent Phase are payable upon completion.

Additional terms beyond this are simply per Silo and month-to-month at your discretion.

As you can see from all the information provided, successful SEO in 2016 is now an incredibly complicated process that takes time and involves a huge amount of expert work that can’t be done by cheap staff or automated software.

And the simple fact is… if you are looking to do the job on the cheap by cutting corners and investing less than this into SEO, you need to reconsider your budgets because you will simply waste your money on work that will ultimately not deliver the results you desire.