5 Things That You Can Do To Make Your Link Building Efforts Much Better

Link Building Efforts

Most SEO professionals and web owners fail to get valuable results when conducting their link building efforts. Sometimes, the same methods that you have always used aren’t working anymore, so here are a few ways to solve this.

1. Develop new ways of reaching out. Aside from email outreach, you can also try getting in touch with a webmaster. Usually, you’ll find them on social media sites.

2. Search in a different way. Try using other search engines aside from Google such as Bing or Million Short. You can also visit forum sites like Quora. Above all, take some time to check the backlinks of your competitors.

3. Come up with new ideas with experts. By working with professionals such as SEO experts, you can brainstorm various solutions to your problems. This can also give way to new opportunities.

4. Sometimes less is more. If you’re sending out emails, make sure they’re personalised but still direct to the point. If calling on the phone, avoid asking tons of useless questions and be specific.

5. Consider a second opinion. Have your contents checked by others, preferably those who aren’t in the industry. This will allow you to easily determine which areas should be improved or fixed.

Link building may be simple, but it’s a time-consuming work nonetheless. By taking note of the tips discussed here, you can become more positive and confident in your link building strategies.

This interesting SEO story was first published at https://www.searchenginejournal.com/shake-up-your-link-building-efforts/25002/. Click here for more details.

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