7 Things That Google Clarified About Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile-First Indexing

Most of the major points about mobile-first indexing have already been discussed before. However, Google saw the need to clarify some things that SEO professionals and webmasters who give presentations appeared to have confused these past few months. Here are some of them:

1. Speed update. A Speed Update will be coming in July, but this is unrelated to mobile-first indexing.

2. Crawled rate. This will remain the same, but mobile pages will be crawled more than desktop ones. Also, expect temporary spikes if Google needs to reindex everything.

3. URL. If a website has different URLs, Google will show the mobile URL for mobile users while the desktop one for desktop users. However, Google will index the mobile version for both cases.

4. Cache bug. There is a bug where cached pages of mobile-first index websites will not be showing. Although this affects the user interface, it will not impact crawling, ranking or indexing.

5. Ranking boost. Mobile-first indexing will not change Google’s mobile-friendly ranking boost. Therefore, one can get a boost for having a mobile-friendly website, but never for being in the mobile-first indexing.

6. Hidden UI content. Providers of affordable SEO services and webmasters must take note that using hamburger and expandable menus, accordions, and the like for mobile websites will not be a problem.

7. Desktop sites. Given time, all websites will move to the mobile-first indexing process. Even if you only have a desktop-only website, it will still be moved.

These things are not new to SEO experts and webmasters, but they must be considered nonetheless as they will affect the way of handling websites today.

This story was first published in https://www.seroundtable.com/google-clarifies-mobile-first-indexing-25906.html. Click here to learn more.

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