Mobile-First Indexing

For SEO experts, webmasters and site owners who are asking if Google has plans to let publishers have the option to opt into or out of mobile-first indexing, Mueller just gave an answer in #AskGoogleWebmasters’s latest edition. In response to the question, Google’s John Mueller revealed that there’s no plan to give publishers or webmasters […]
In a recent announcement, Google stated they’ll begin indexing all new sites that are not yet discovered by Google Search using mobile-first indexing starting July 1. Now, this is something both webmasters and SEO experts should take note of if they’re planning to build new sites. Google clarified that older sites not yet in mobile-first […]
More than half of the web pages that appear in global search results have already been moved to mobile-first indexing. If yours has not been moved, then Google might not have evaluated it yet. Meanwhile, if you do not have a responsive website design, then there are two possible issues related to this that every […]
With Google switching to mobile-first indexing based on the crawling activity of devices across the Internet, it has brought on huge ramifications to the search engine optimisation community. Now that the old desktop-centric approach has been dropped, here is everything you must know about this change. The reason for the switch. At present, almost three […]
Mobile-first indexing is one of the main topics of discussion among SEO experts this year since it brought a huge change on how Google search works. To fully understand how websites appear in the search results today, it’s important to review the search indexing and ranking fundamentals. Indexing and Ranking Indexing is the process where […]
Most of the major points about mobile-first indexing have already been discussed before. However, Google saw the need to clarify some things that SEO professionals and webmasters who give presentations appeared to have confused these past few months. Here are some of them: 1. Speed update. A Speed Update will be coming in July, but […]