Four Strategies From SEO Experts To Merge The Power Of Social Media And SEO

SEO Expert

Social networking sites such as Tumblr, Pinterest, WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are recognised as authoritative websites by search engines, most especially Google. Therefore, you can use them to have a better SEO campaign aside from the other strategies your SEO experts have already applied. Listed below are four ways on how you can unlock the potential of social media for SEO purposes:

Use Your Social Media Platforms As A Means To Accomplish Your Link Building

Google reads the links on social media as good quality links due to the fact that, as what was previously stated, these are considered as authoritative websites. As an example, your Facebook page has a bigger chance to rank better than your existing site as attributed by the authority Facebook has. The best SEO company knows and understands this fact, and they include it in the SEO services they offer to their clients.

Also, never forget this essential aspect: add a working link of your website to all profiles of your social media accounts as this provides two functions for your SEO campaign. First, it is significant for your link building processes. Second, it boosts the traffic to the sites.

For link building purposes, use your social media accounts whenever you will post an update such as clearance sales or newly available services and products. This is a tip any SEO consultant will give you. You can use infographics for your Twitter account and use a catchy hashtag to promote it. Your followers may share it with other Twitter users as they retweet your post and may even trend in your local area, nationwide or even worldwide. Through this way, there will be evident changes in the search ranking results to your favour.

Give Importance To Local Listings

All businesses, regardless if it is a small, medium or large enterprise, are encouraged to have a local listing on Google+ for your goals of increasing your online visibility. You can get the professional SEO services of a top SEO company to do this for you. Remember to add your recent information for your customers’ reference like address, contact numbers, e-mail address, and website URL. Your clients or customers can directly give you reviews through Google. The good thing about it is Google will suggest to online users various businesses with 5-star reviews on top of the list.

In addition, include a map or list of locations of your company on your own Facebook page. As soon as customers or clients see your posts in Facebook and becomes interested, they’ll be able to get in touch with you.

Never Forget To Include Keywords in Each Of Your Online Posts

Needless to say, keywords are absolutely vital for all your online platform such as blogs, websites, and of course in your social media account as well. Let’s have Pinterest as an example. A proven strategy to end up having a higher ranking in various search engines is by including keywords in your boards or pins.

The same applies too for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other active social media accounts. You’re not only attracting customers or clients to your social media profile but also for your website. Ask any white hat SEO consultant and you know you need to be specific in the combination you’ll use as keywords by thinking of how to engage with your potential clients or customers.

Create A Content That Can Make An Immediate And Lasting Impact

Now that you have chosen the keywords, the challenge now is to create a content that will immediately grab the attention of online users. You can hire SEO experts and let them take care of this area or get writers with expertise in professional SEO services. One thing you need to remember is presenting something that can immediately catch their attention and make them want to read the rest of your content. Do not settle for boring ads, long texts, and other typical methods as most online users won’t even bother to read your posts at all. If there are more online users that will share your content, your online traffic will increase and your website will skyrocket on a higher ranking, maybe even better than what you anticipated.

How can you create a content that is easily searched and at the same time will encourage online users to share it in their own social media accounts? Dare to be different and stand out from the competition. Think outside the box and who knows, maybe your content will be the next viral video on YouTube, most reblogged post both in Tumblr and WordPress, most talked about post on Facebook, and a trending topic in Twitter.

Not only will you have the edge over your competitors who aren’t active in using social media in their online strategy. You can also win the hearts of your target customers and clients because of how you successfully engaged with them. Try these strategies now that came from SEO experts and soon afterwards, you may see a progress in your search rankings.