The Benefits Of Local Search Engine Optimisation Services

Local Search Engine Optimisation Services

Local search engine optimisation services may be something you are considering for your business, yet you may be unsure regarding the specific benefits this type of SEO can bring. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the reasons why local SEO needs to be incorporated into your search engine marketing strategy.

The main purpose of local search engine optimisation is to ensure that you stand out in local search results. This is vital for businesses that are situated in a certain location or looking to target a specific area. You will ensure that you feature at the top of local directories, rather than languishing on page three of the national search results. Not only this, but local search engine optimisation services can benefit national businesses as well. After all, competition is not as fierce for local search terms, so by ranking highly for a variety of locations in the country, you can make sure your business starts to gain ground throughout parts of the UK. You only need to look at some of the statistics to see why local SEO is so important for businesses today. This includes the fact that 76 per cent of local searches result in a phone call, and that 71 per cent of online users look up and confirm a business’ location before visiting for the first time. Another interesting statistic is that 50 per cent of users who perform a local search on their phone visit the store within a day.

This merely gives you a tiny glimpse into the reasons why it is important to rank for local search terms, otherwise you risk losing out to the competition. Quite simply, you are going to increase your consumer base if you work with a local search engine optimisation agency not only because you improve visibility, but also because most consumers look for services and products on the Internet based on their geographical proximity. It’s a great way of increasing your conversion rate because you are going to be ranking for more relevant search terms. After all, let’s say you rank highly for a more general search term like ‘UK bakery’, of course, this is a great thing. But if you only provide your goods in your local area of Shrewsbury, a good chunk of people that visit your website through searching UK bakery are going to leave again because you do not cater to their needs. Instead, if you rank at the top for ‘bakery in Shrewsbury’ or ‘Shrewsbury bakery’ you can be certain that the vast majority of people visiting your website are going to be looking for exactly what you offer. This means there is a huge chance of them visiting your bakery and making a purchase. Quite clearly, local SEO optimisation is a must!

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding the many benefits that are associated with local search engine optimisation services. As you can see, this is a great way to increase the visibility of your business and gain more customers in your local area. Don’t overlook the importance of it.