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Search engine optimisation is something that many businesses consider when they are moving online. Most businesses make the move online at some point, and for good reason. The internet is the future and increasingly if we require a service or a product then we will Google it and go from there. As such, being visible on search engines is vital. Unfortunately SEO has got a bad name in recent years and whilst people are happy to move their businesses online, they can be nervous about using SEO. The unscrupulous practices that have occurred in this field in the past, such as hidden text and link farming, are known as black hat techniques and the good news is that thanks to changes in the Google algorithms these are no longer producing results. This means that it is now possible to have success on Google without using these kinds of tactics.

So what should you look for when you’re choosing a search engine optimisation company? Making sure that they use white hat processes to produce organic SEO is vital. Not only do black hat techniques produce poor results, but they can also lead to Google penalties, meaning that you will lose any gains that you’ve managed to make. Another important aspect is Conversion Rate Optimisation. This focuses on converting visitors into customers. While we know that there are plenty of customers online, the truth is that there are also a lot of competitors online. People may click on your website but if they don’t like what they see once they are there, they can simply click on to the next. Consequently as well as search engine optimisation you need to be looking for a company that does search engine marketing. Finally there is price. Whilst you need to be looking for a fair price, if it seems too cheap to be true, chances are it is.

Finding A Search Engine Optimisation Company

When you are looking for a search engine optimisation agency, you will find that Position1SEO ticks all the boxes. We are an SEO company that deals in white hat SEO only. In addition, we specialise in search engine marketing. This is a particularly tricky area with six functioning principles and thirty key rules. We have vast experience in internet marketing and during our ten years in the industry we have honed tried and tested strategies. We tackle SEO in two ways, looking at your website and looking at your presence on the web. We start our professional relationship with an analysis of your website and also an in depth keyword analysis so that we can anticipate the importance of various keyphrases. We will also give you a projection of progress after 30, 90 and 180 days so that you know exactly what we’re aiming for, along with a well-developed strategy that we will be following.

Here at Position1SEO our search engine optimisation services focus on both optimising your website and building your web authority. We optimise your website by providing content which is targeted around the chosen keyphrases and analysing areas such as website structure, the landing page and the visitor demographic. We build your web authority – something Google takes very seriously – by building and maintaining social media profiles for you, entering into relevant conversations on your behalf and submitting content to guest websites. We can also provide manually built quality backlinks, both in a package or individually depending on what suits you. There is a scale of quality for backlinks ranging from PR0 to PR7, and the greater the quality, the more emphasis Google puts upon them. These are provided separately from the keyphrase packages and as such you can order them alongside your keyphrases or as a standalone product, depending on what you need.

As you can see, our service encompasses many aspects of internet marketing. If you have a look on our website, you will be able to see all the services we supply in great detail. With the exception of the backlinks, everything is included in the keyphrase packages. All you need to choose is how many keyphrases you want us to optimise your website for. Why not have a look today at https://position1seo.co.uk/ and see which package is perfect for your needs? If you are at all unsure, we would recommend that you check out our testimonials and see what we have been able to do for other businesses and will be able to do for you. For search engine optimisation, there is no better choice.


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