The Top 3 SEO Myths 2020 That You Should Stop Believing Right Now

SEO Myths 2020
Any SEO professional and webmaster aims to achieve higher rankings for their websites. However, there are plenty of SEO myths 2020 that are circulating at present. To make sure that you are optimising your website correctly this year, we shed light to some of these well-known myths:

XML sitemaps offer automatic search ranking improvements. An XML sitemap helps in crawling and indexing particular new pages or those that are difficult for crawlers to discover. It may help increase online presence and visibility but does not have a direct organic ranking effect on a website.

Website penalisation for duplicate copy. Google does not have a duplicate content filter. However, what the search engine giant can do is not rank all duplicate contents entirely for the same query, and this can have a negative impact on rankings.

Poor rankings for using a lot of keywords
. According to John Mueller of Google, search engines have moved on from focusing too much on keyword density. With that in mind, SEO experts and webmasters are encouraged to ignore one of the most popular SEO myths 2020 and give more attention to the helpfulness of their content.

With Google regularly updating their algorithms, everyone should always take note of these SEO myths 2020 and be updated with the latest trends.

This post used information from this article https://www.searchenginewatch.com/2019/12/23/seo-myths-2020/. Click the link to learn more.

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