These Are The Major Search Algorithm Updates Of Google In 2018


2018 was a big year for search. As we start another year, we look back on the major search algorithm updates that happened last year because they can provide ideas on future trends or changes, especially for search engine optimisation.

  1. Mobile-First Index (26th March) – With this update, mobile versions of websites are used for ranking and indexing to help mobile users with their search queries. Sites that adhered to this update should notice an improvement in their crawl rate.
  2. Snippet Length Drop (13th May)– Google decided to shorten meta descriptions to 150-160 from its previous character limit of 300+ so longer ones will not consume too much space on mobile SERPs. Because of this, webmasters and SEO professionals must ensure that their descriptions provide a clear idea of the content within the first 110-130 characters.
  3. Mobile Speed Update (9th July) – Google said that page speed would be among the ranking factors for mobile searches, aiming to provide answers as fast as possible. This affects the slowest mobile websites only, which only make up a small part of the search queries.

Other huge updates that rolled out last year were Image Search Update (15th February), Brackets Cora Update (8th March), Zero-Result SERP(14th March), Video Carousels (14th June), and Medic Core Update (1st August).

All information in this post was gathered from https://searchenginewatch.com/2019/01/08/google-search-algorithm-updates-of-2018-infographic/. Check out this link for more details.

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