This Is How Google Is Treating A 404 Broken Link As A 301 Redirect

404 Broken Link

In a webmaster hangout, one participant asked about why Google is treating an old URL as a canonical to a new URL. It was pointed out that the old URL should have been recognised as a 404 broken link. Now the question is, is it possible for SEO experts and webmasters to let Google know about this issue?

In response to this concern, Google’s John Mueller just stated that it could be their systems that are responsible for canonicalising the 404 broken link to the new one. He made it clear that this is actually meant to guide everyone on proper redirecting. To clear things up, he said that their system could say that one is shifting from the canonical to the other, if the content is identical and that it disappeared from a URL but reappeared on the other.

From what Mueller has explained, it can be perceived that he actually didn’t provide a great solution with regards to the 404 broken link concern. Glen Gabe, on the other hand, provided a useful tip, stating that a new URL is currently at the same rank where the old URL has ranked before. He further mentioned that Google’s systems were helpful in this regard as they can find out if you’re not redirecting properly.

Details used in this SEO UK blog post came from https://www.seroundtable.com/google-404s-as-301s-28710.html. Know more by clicking the link.

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