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Professional SEO experts always have to deal with error response codes, particularly the 500 error codes. A person asked Google’s John Mueller about the starting point where 500 error response codes will affect Googlebot and cause it to crawl the pages less often. Mueller gave SEO experts some scenarios where 500 response codes will not […]
Google developed the Core Web Vitals (CWVs), a set of metrics that help top SEO experts improve their page performance, benefitting their site visitors. The search engine company published a Q&A post that informs SEO experts about how CWVs works and their value for ranking purposes. Webpage performance is essential to online businesses and site […]
SEO experts use different methods to get higher rankings for their websites in the search results. Some professional SEO experts use organic search methods separately from paid search strategies, while others use both. In one of Google's recent tests, the company merged paid ads features into organic search to show businesses' seller ratings in regular […]
SEO experts are concerned about the problem regarding the use of marketing and sales-related apps and plugins on their websites. These functionalities play a huge role in SEO, but they could also slow down web pages and cause a drop in core web vitals scores. Nevertheless, even top SEO experts install these functionalities on their […]
Many SEO experts hold the notion that Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are necessary to rank in Google’s Top stories. But just recently, professional SEO experts tested non-AMP versus AMP on Top stories performance and learned how it impacted the traffic of one of the biggest news publisher sites. According to Google’s documentation, one’s content should […]
SEO experts typically make use of the standard link building techniques in their strategies, such as using HARO or creating optimal email subject lines. Although they can be very effective, these methods tend to have an unpredictable return on investment. Thus, it is always crucial for professional SEO experts to look for more efficient link […]
Microsoft Bing delighted many SEO experts when they launched Speller100, a large-scale multilingual spelling correction system worldwide. Consisting of a wide variety of spelling correction models, Speller100 helps top SEO experts around the world get relevant traffic for their webpages. According to Bing’s statistics, about 15 per cent of queries from searchers have misspellings, leading […]
SEO experts spend much of their time researching for links to boost their website rankings. However, not every link has equal value. Since search engine algorithms have gradually changed their methods when analysing a website’s relevance to a searcher’s query, affordable SEO experts must also change their standards when it comes to choosing relevant and […]
Google’s Garry Illyes revealed to SEO experts how the search index uses a tiered system, which involves more expensive storage that can index popular content faster. The topic was discussed on a Google podcast that many professional SEO experts listen to for a wider understanding of language complexities related to search index. In a recent […]
The algorithm updates that Google launched recently were reported to reduce traffic to pirate websites. SEO experts report that pirate websites lost almost a third of their search traffic according to their year-over-year data analysis. Google’s algorithms keep pushing SEO agencies to update their expert SEO services and strategies for higher search traffic. According to […]
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