This Is What You Need To Know About Nofollow


Google once suggested several scenarios wherein SEO specialists and website owners should use nofollow. They also explained how nofollow relates to the disavow file. But apart from these, there is not much talk from Google about nofollow anymore.

Nofollow is a link tool used on-page by SEO companies and webmasters to instruct search engines (Google) that they’re unwilling to verify a link or that it’s a paid link. This way, Google will not be using it for calculations in PageRank or any link-based manual actions.

Recently, many people have been wondering if Google has changed the way they handle nofollow ever since it was launched. Most of the speculations point to the use of nofollow on paid links, and if it is passing negative connotations to nofollowed links. Furthermore, others are also concerned about its effect on websites if they nofollow all external and internal links.

To address this, Nathan Jones from Google Search confirmed that no changes were made to nofollow ever since it was implemented. This verifies that nofollow is still functioning as it did since Google launched it. Having said that, when nofollows are removed or added later, the change might not be quickly recognised until Google recrawls the page with the link. But by using Google’s fetch and submit tool, such process can be speeded up.

If you have concerns regarding the use of nofollow, don’t hesitate to seek the help of an experienced SEO company.

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