SEO experts and webmasters should take into consideration the recent announcement made by Gary Illyes of Google regarding meta robots nofollow. Google will now treat them as hints, just like the nofollow link attribute that was also updated recently. Originally, meta robots nofollow tags were considered as directives. This means that the crawlers from Google […]
John Mueller of Google clarified a common misconception about nofollow attributes. In a recent Google Webmaster Central hangout, he was asked about his thoughts on the usual practice by most SEO professionals and webmasters, wherein they tag all outbound links as nofollow. And the reason that they do this is to prevent link juice from […]
Google once suggested several scenarios wherein SEO specialists and website owners should use nofollow. They also explained how nofollow relates to the disavow file. But apart from these, there is not much talk from Google about nofollow anymore. Nofollow is a link tool used on-page by SEO companies and webmasters to instruct search engines (Google) […]