This Is What You Need To Know About The Upcoming Page Speed Update By Google

Page Speed

Google’s John Mueller discussed a few important things about page speed in the recent Google webmaster video hangout. Aside from explaining how the current page speed factor works, he also tackled what to expect from the upcoming Speed Update for mobile search in July, making it an important topic for both website owners and providers of affordable SEO services.

According to Mueller, the current page speed factor, which is for desktop only, will just consider a web page very slow if it takes a couple of minutes to load completely. However, in the new Speed Update for mobile search, it will use real Chrome user data instead, as presented in the revised page insights tool from Google. Mueller said that they utilise different speed factors including those from Chrome, where they can see what their users are actually seeing.

With that being said, he said that blocking particular scripts to make pages seem fast for Googlebot is useless. Therefore, SEO companies and webmasters should speed up their pages not only for Google but most importantly, for their users as well.

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