Page Speed

As many SEO professionals and site owners know, page speed is highly significant when it comes to digital marketing. While some often ignore optimising their site’s page speed, it’s worth noting that it has a big impact when it comes the length of time site visitors will stay and even with conversion. To help you […]
Google has recently released the new page speed report in Google Search Console. Plenty of website owners and SEO experts have been anticipating the report’s rollout for months, with the earliest hints of its release appearing as early as February. Now that it is finally out, many are eager to see what benefits it can […]
John Mueller of Google tells SEO experts and website owners that Lighthouse metrics are actually an indication of how fast page speed is for actual users. This was cleared by Mueller following a Google Webmaster Central hangout where one user asked if they need to fix their website as they have an excellent First Meaningful […]
Google’s John Mueller discussed a few important things about page speed in the recent Google webmaster video hangout. Aside from explaining how the current page speed factor works, he also tackled what to expect from the upcoming Speed Update for mobile search in July, making it an important topic for both website owners and providers […]