This Is How Lighthouse Measures Page Speed For Its Actual Users

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John Mueller of Google tells SEO experts and website owners that Lighthouse metrics are actually an indication of how fast page speed is for actual users. This was cleared by Mueller following a Google Webmaster Central hangout where one user asked if they need to fix their website as they have an excellent First Meaningful Content at 2 seconds but their Time to Interactive is around 12-15 seconds due to a large amount of scripts.

Mueller said that Lighthouse metrics does not really indicate how the algorithms of Google assess a website in terms of speed. Instead, they are presented in the perspective of the user. On the other hand, in the point of view of Google as searchers, they use a variety of these metrics to determine how they should judge website speed.

However, when SEO is concerned, Mueller suggests asking users directly instead of checking with Google if a website is loading slowly. Therefore, webmasters and SEO experts must always gather feedback from their visitors.

In conclusion, Mueller said that there is nothing to be worried about if your website loads quickly and presents quality content to its users.

Details of this post were gathered from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-lighthouse-measures-how-fast-a-site-loads-for-actual-users/295261/. Click here to learn more.

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