Why Algorithm Updates Impact Sites Faster Than Technical Changes

Algorithm Updates

In the recent office-hours hangout with webmasters and SEO experts, John Mueller of Google explained that changes in the sites’ rankings might be due to two different reasons. He said that if you’ve seen a big drop in your site ranking, then it can either be related to a change in the search ranking algorithm or the technical changes that you’ve made.

In general, Google’s algorithm updates may actually impact a site in a day or so. This can happen if the algorithm update determines that the website isn’t as good as it was before. On the other hand, technical changes might take weeks or months before it can impact the websites. This is because Google will still need to pick up on all the site changes that you have made. In that case, it is highly unlikely that your rankings will drop overnight.

However, take note that not all algorithms can impact a site in a day as they need time to re-index, re-process, and re-crawl site changes. At the same time, not all technical changes can impact a website slower than algorithms. Whatever the case is, it’s important that you know the real cause of the changes happening to your site. Hence, never hesitate to get in touch with a professional SEO company to help you in this matter.

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