Algorithm Updates

Many site owners and SEO experts struggle to create website traffic. This can either be because the website is completely new or due to a Google update. Fortunately, there’s a way to establish new traffic sources so websites won’t have to struggle anymore. The Freshness Algorithm of Google There’s the thinking that Google prefers "fresh" […]
Google has released numerous search algorithm updates that have influenced the optimisation efforts of site owners and SEO experts. For 2019, the company started naming and confirming rollouts for users. Listed below are a few of the most prominent Google search algorithm updates they released this year. 1. March 2019 Core Update. This was the […]
Many SEO experts and webmasters are concerned about what Google is “targeting” on their recent algorithm updates. It is said that the latest algorithm demands a reassessment on the common SEO practices. Google is now beyond matching heading elements and title tags to current search queries. For such reason, it’s imperative to understand how the […]
In the recent office-hours hangout with webmasters and SEO experts, John Mueller of Google explained that changes in the sites’ rankings might be due to two different reasons. He said that if you’ve seen a big drop in your site ranking, then it can either be related to a change in the search ranking algorithm […]