Why You Should Pay Attention To JavaScript Indexing Delays


Most SEO experts and webmasters are glad about how JavaScript is being indexed quickly, with Googlebot running on the newest Chrome versions. These days, almost 60% of such content is indexed only a day after indexing HTML. However, indexing delays for JavaScript is still far from being solved.

According to studies, more than 32% of web pages have unindexed JavaScript content even after a month. Some are not even indexed at all.  This may depend on the website, as most news websites have their JavaScript content indexed rather quickly. However, there is no strong evidence if they are being prioritised by Google over other website types.

Because some JavaScript contents are delayed in indexing or not completely indexed, they might become irrelevant to their target market. For example, news websites, e-commerce stores, and job listing will lose to their competitors if their contents are delayed to be indexed, even for just 30 hours.

To address this, SEO companies and webmasters are encouraged to always diversify their content. There are also various tools that can be used to check which contents are generated by JavaScript and determine if they are indexed on time. This way, bigger JavaScript issues can be easily discovered, saving you from huge drops in organic traffic.

All details of this post were gathered from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/javascript-indexing-delays-google/335703/. Click the link for more information.

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