Most SEO experts and webmasters are glad about how JavaScript is being indexed quickly, with Googlebot running on the newest Chrome versions. These days, almost 60% of such content is indexed only a day after indexing HTML. However, indexing delays for JavaScript is still far from being solved. According to studies, more than 32% of […]
Webmasters and SEO experts should take note of the recent guide published by Google that discusses the basics of JavaScript SEO. Most of it covers the same topics explored in a recent video series on the subject produced by Martin Splitt, who co-authored the guide with Lizzi Harvey. The guide begins with a three-step process […]
In the latest SEO Mythbusting video, Martin Splitt of Google suggested that the responsible use of JavaScript is indeed important in giving the best user experience. The webmaster trends analyst stated that such action could help make sure that your website’s content won’t be lagging behind in search index. Now, this is something that webmasters, […]