• 4 September, 2015
  • Jason Ferry
Search engine marketing is one of the fastest growing dimensions of internet marketing as marketers try to engage prospects directly through the online platform. Commonly abbreviated as SEM, this type of marketing refers to the process of growing traffic and visibility in SERPs or search engine results pages by way of paid and unpaid strategies. […]
  • 23 July, 2015
  • Jason Ferry
An internet marketing consultant with expertise in SEO constantly exerts effort to direct all his activities into the goal of landing to the top rank of the most popular search engine, which is Google. Although there are other search engines optimisation such as Yahoo and Bing, the vast majority of online users prefer Google when […]
  • 22 April, 2015
  • Jason Ferry
An increasing number of entrepreneurs are appreciating the importance of using the internet in order to market their businesses. One of the most effective ways of doing so is through search engine marketing (SEM). The term search engine marketing refers to marketing that makes use of natural search engine result page listing as well as […]