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Businesses and webmasters look for ways to improve website SEO and still comply with Google’s algorithm systems. Just recently, Google launched a Web Stories Playbook containing helpful tips for boosting website SEO in compliance with the format. It has more than a hundred pages and begins with a general summary before discussing more in-depth information and advice that can help one gain better user engagement, more site traffic, and a higher return on investment.

Google Web Stories      

Web Stories is Google’s newest format featured in Search and Discover. The search engine company designed it to provide “snackable” content, which helps readers get answers to their queries without clicking through site links and reading entire articles.

The Web Stories Playbook makes things easier and more straightforward for businesses and webmasters, teaching them how to make their websites more engaging for site visitors. The playbook also includes tips for increasing earnings through affiliate links or advertisements.

Web Stories also helps publishers cast a wider net to gain new audiences and encourage visitors to stay on their websites longer to watch more ads. With this strategy, the format can help convert visitors into sales or inspire them to click on affiliate links.

Site owners can monetise Web Stories in several ways through sponsored content, programmatic advertisements, or affiliate links. And since Google offers support through a special WordPress plugin, anyone can create Web Stories with ease.

Google’s new playbook is perfect for teaching site owners how to incorporate Web Stories into their websites. Although it contains over one hundred pages, each page only has one or two paragraphs, making it easy for anyone to read through and comprehend.

Inside The Web Stories Playbook

The playbook is divided into three sections: Overview, Entry Points, and More Design Details.

The overview describes the usage of Web Stories and how publishers can use them to find new audiences and give them a faster and easier way to consume content.

Next, the Entry Points teaches different ways of integrating Web Stories into a site and customising how readers engage with them.

Lastly, More Design Details reviews the readers on the best practices in design to encourage user engagement.

By going through these topics, one can understand how Web Stories work and learn how to implement them on a website effectively. The know-how that the playbook offers will undoubtedly help business websites gain more traffic and provide their readers with engaging content.

Discussing Topics In-Depth

Topics are discussed in greater detail in the Entry Points and More Design Details sections.

For instance, there are five different kinds of entry points: singleton, carousel, compact display, author highlight, and dedicated page. Each topic is thoroughly discussed one by one so that website owners and publishers will gain expert-level understanding once they’re done reading.

Next, the playbook will show how these five different entry points can be integrated into a web page to improve SEO strategies for engaging visitors.

This section will also link to a Design Kit, where businesses and webmasters can download files and use them to create different entry points.

On the other hand, the More Design Details section of the playbook shows the best practices for content and page layout. It also teaches webmasters and businesses how to customise their Web Stories.

The end of the document provides links to three more resources: Guide to Using Stories on a site, Web Story tools and CMS, and Technical Documentation for Web Stories.

Benefits Of Using Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories can indeed improve website SEO and boost traffic and sales, but there are other benefits that can persuade SEO companies and webmasters to implement this on their website. Below are some of them:

Content ownership

What makes Google Web Stories different from social media alternatives is content ownership. Web Stories are created using AMP or other third-party platforms, so the website owner can do whatever they want with it. They can embed it into their website or share it with others. With Web Stories, one has more control over their own content.

Immersive experiences

Web Stories allow businesses and website owners to make their site stand out from other competitors with an immersive experience, as both desktop and mobile users can view them full screen. This strategy helps readers feel like they are a part of the company’s story.

Unique ad opportunities

Web Stories work well with Google AdWords and other ad opportunities, which can help some brands significantly boost their SEO.

New traffic

Web Stories can be featured in the search results, thanks to Google’s powerful search engine capabilities. Moreover, website owners and businesses can customise their Web Stories by featuring CTAs or links to gain more traffic.

Fun for the viewers

Readers love to scroll down and find topics that they love. Therefore, businesses and brands should find their niche and create dynamic and beautiful stories that their audience would crave. Doing so promises readers more exciting content if they keep visiting the site.

Fun for the creators

Although it may not be applicable to everyone, many site owners enjoy creating Web Stories. There are various tools that make the task easy using drag-and-drop tools and other fun features. It also helps one constantly create new story ideas and creative ways to present them to their audience.

Business brands have a lot of stories to tell, and the best way to share them is via Google Web Stories. One can upload compelling photos or videos that cover everything, from the company’s culture to new product releases. There are also many plugins that allow even those with little to no technical knowledge to create Web Stories without having to write a single line of code.

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