Google Ranks Webpages Individually – What Does This Mean For Your SEO?

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Google’s John Mueller confirmed that the search engine ranks webpages, not websites, and many expert SEO companies nowadays base their organic search strategy on this statement. With this in mind, SEO companies are now exerting more effort when creating compelling webpage content and properly optimising them for Google to crawl and index.

In essence, Google ranks webpages individually, treating each of them as a separate group of content, code, and links. Therefore, a webpage could transfer to any domain, and the search engine would still crawl and index it the same way.

When conducting SEO audits and optimising sites, professional experts focus on these three


There is a reason why blog articles about different topics or niches do not harm site rankings. Some SEOs think that they should stick to one focus to make their website a success, but this is not necessarily true. Google ranks webpages, not websites, so no matter how unrelated the topic of a blog post is to another, it does damage to the overall site ranking.

One good example of this is news websites. There are a lot of news topics clustered in a single domain without really damaging the site ranking. Online businesses also do not need to stick to writing content about their products and services.

Rather, professionals encourage them to explore and create unique content that’s a bit different from their usual blog postings but can still be somehow relevant to their offers.

Webpage Design

Some SEOs still believe the “subdomain versus subfolder” issue, but Google once clarified that neither of the two really matters. Since the search engine ranks webpages instead of websites, these pages can live both on a subfolder or a subdomain, and they would still be crawled and indexed the same way.

Some SEOs think that they might hurt the entire website just because of a single mistake on one webpage. For instance, they have probably experienced situations wherein one of their pages is slower than the others, and then, they began to panic. However, professional SEO companies guarantee that this slow single webpage does not drag the entire website; just that one page.

Authority Links

Lastly, there are the “Authority” links, and one of the best SEO strategies today is to create a hub or pillar topic that directs to other subpages that offer more details about the main content. Because Google ranks webpages individually, this tactic has been proven efficient.

It is true that internal links don’t have as big of an impact as the external ones, but they are still efficient when it comes to Google crawling and indexing because the search engine still treats them as individual webpages with their own authority.

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Author: Jason Ferry
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