Google Rolls Out New GMB Attributes

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Local SEO experts and businesses are enjoying the new updates in Google My Business (GMB). Knowing the latest features and attributes in GMB helps local SEO professionals and businesses get the most out of the tool and reach a wider audience online.

Below are some of the recent changes to the GMB platform that are worth checking out.

Health And Safety Attributes

Just last year, Google announced new attributes in GMB to help searchers make well-informed decisions regarding the health standards in establishments that they want to visit. For instance, searchers can know if the establishment requires customers to wear masks, make appointments, undergo temperature checks, and more.

This gives local SEO experts and online businesses an idea that the more compliant they are with stricter health-related guidelines compared to competitors, the more visitors will be compelled to go to their establishment. It also helps if a business advertises these guidelines on their GMB to keep attracting more health-conscious individuals.

Other COVID-related attributes related to delivery services, like offering curb-side pickup, dine-in options, or no-contact delivery, may also make an establishment more trustworthy in the eyes of their customers.

Attributes For Online Services

Online services and meetings have started to become more prevalent since the pandemic. For this reason, Google has focused more on the online-only crowd by providing users with GMB attributes such as online care, online classes, online estimates, and online appointments. Businesses can also use these attributes to advertise their businesses and attract more customers during the pandemic.

Call Logging

There is a new GMB attribute in the works that allows SEOs and businesses to view recent calls from customers via search. According to Google, businesses can track phone calls via GMB’s call history, which means all of the calls they receive can be found in one place. Although this feature is still in test mode, it’s still worth looking out for as it can become extremely helpful in engaging with customers.

Additional GMB Insights Data

Google has improved GMB performance reports, allowing SEOs and businesses to determine the number of people that reached out to them after visiting their profile page. This means GMB users will be able to see how many times their business profiles have come up in the search results.

The platform will also offer advanced reports about searchers in the future. They will also add data insights on Google Maps searches, which will be available up to six months.


Google has recently launched GMB messaging on desktop versions, though it was previously available via the mobile app before. When logging into GMB, one might see the Messages button on the left-hand sidebar, and by clicking on it, they will be redirected to the Messages interface where they can see their standard chat screen.

However, local SEO agencies and online businesses should respond to their messages as soon as possible, specifically within 24 hours. If they were not able to reply to their customers’ queries within the timeframe, Google may revoke their messaging rights, and they will have to opt into this feature again. This strict compliance forces businesses to answer queries promptly and helps them build a lasting relationship with their customers.

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