Google Shares 5 Tips On Successful Content Creation

how to plan an efficient seo content strategy

Google recently published a blog post with five helpful SEO content strategies to help boost one's site traffic and search rankings. The blog article included anecdotes from successful SEO content publishers and YouTube creators.

These tips focused more on online marketing success than search engine optimisation, which sparked more interest among the community because being successful online is more than just SEO.

The blog post emphasised the experience of the four successful content publishers, giving the piece more credibility than the opinions of people who only repeat what they have read from other articles. Google categorised its tips into five topics.

1. Set aside time to create content

Many successful publishers agree that it is crucial to set aside a specific time to write every day. It is not ideal to wait around for inspiration before writing a magnificent piece of content. An efficient SEO content strategy is one in which publishers force themselves to create content.

Musical artist Nick Cave commented on content creation, encouraging all publishers to treat it as a job rather than one that requires inspiration. Cave wrote in his popular newsletter called The Red Hand Files that he could relate to artists who are not dependent on inspiration. He compared himself to people with a job who go to work because they need to. For such people, there is never a situation where they stop working because the vibes are not right or they don't feel like doing it.

The blog post also cited lifestyle blogger and musician Rigel Gemini, who said they should set aside one day out of the week to brainstorm and choose a topic before producing the content. Google also added that publishers would dread writing if it seems like too much of a chore, so their advice is to keep things fun by focusing on the topics they are interested in.

2. Find the right writing style or persona

For the next tip, Google cited Mata Leiataua, a popular faith and fashion blogger. She encourages publishers to take time in knowing what their writing style is. According to her, everyone has a specific style or even a persona.

For instance, some content publishers seem quiet or shy in person but loud and brash when performing or writing. The latter is the style or person they're comfortable working in, and that works for them.

Leiataua explained that it is impossible for someone to feel inspired to write 24/7, so knowing one's style or persona that they are most comfortable working with is helpful to boost their productivity.

3. Create in batches

Google advised SEO content writers to sit down and create as many articles or posts as they can and then schedule them for publication. Tiffany Williams, a beauty blogger, said that creating content in real time can be too much, so it helps to create a ton of content beforehand. That way, their blog feed will never run out of interesting and relevant content.

4. Reduce, Rework, and Repurpose content

One of the best tips that Google gave was for publishers to spread their content around to multiple channels. For instance, podcasters can turn their content into YouTube videos or blog posts. Likewise, a YouTube creator can repurpose their video content by turning them into articles or audio material for their podcast platform.

Kevin Espiritu, podcast and YouTube creator, observed that his audiences seek content depending on what they are doing as of the moment. For example, people who are commuting may want to listen to a podcast, while others opt for readable content during lunchtime.

He also said that publishing different types of the same content allows a publisher to reach out to a wider audience that consumes content in different moments. He added that a brand has a single target audience but uses different kinds of platforms, so publishers should cater to their audience's different needs.

5. Prioritise value over quality

One of the biggest problems that publishers encounter is focusing too much on quality. Oftentimes, content writers think that wordiness equals quality. However, people should remember that one should focus on providing value above everything else.

Gemini's advice is to focus on the value that the content offers the readers. Although users will often click and read an article with an eye-catching picture, publishers will only gain their trust with the right knowledge and expertise. Providing relevant, compelling content also encourages users to keep visiting a website for more.

Successful Content

The most common SEO strategy is building a list of high-traffic keywords, then creating content based on that. However, content creation is more than just researching and using SEO keywords in articles. The best thing an SEO can do is to give more meaningful content to their audience.

The kind of content that people often seek could be related to current events or something with a touch of sense of humour. It could also bust myths and help the audience become better versions of themselves. Such content keeps readers coming back for more.

Leonard Cohen said content creation is all about having a relationship with the world and making a creative thing out of it. Content creation does not have any limits. It is just the creator uncovering their own heart until they find confidence and dignity in what they do. Cohen also added that it is that self-respect that many publishers look for in their work.

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