Here Are The Things You Need To Know About A Website Crawler

Website Crawler

Search engine optimisation usually deals with human perspectives, but a huge part of it actually involves non-human actors. One of them is a website crawler or bot. When optimising a website for bots, you must fully understand how they work and what crawl budget is.

A website crawler is used by Google to gather information throughout the Internet and accomplish automated tasks. They follow all kinds of links, gather contents and codes, and deliver them to other algorithms for indexing. Bot activity can affect rankings because whenever you use a search engine, you’re actually searching the index where bots store the data they’ve gathered. That’s why most SEO companies and website owners take note of this for their link building and web development efforts.

Crawl budget, on the other hand, is a term used by SEO specialists when talking about the resources used by a search engine when crawling a particular website. When coming up with a crawl budget, the crawl rate limit and URL popularity must be considered. If you’re optimising your crawl budget, don’t forget to look at the frequency of website updates, page speed, crawl errors, and host load. You can visit the “Crawl: Crawl Stats” section of Google Search Console to see how often Googlebot crawls your website.

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