How Often Does Google Update The Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor?

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Businesses and webmasters must carefully monitor their website’s Google SEO rankings to know whether or not their methods and strategies are effective. But regarding the Core Web Vitals ranking factor, many people have little idea of when the search engine company actually updates it. It’s important to learn the answer to this question as it can change the way people handle their Google SEO.

Google designed the Core Web Vitals scores – which were announced in early May last year – to measure areas of a website’s design that are relevant to good user experience. A high score would mean that the website provides readers with an excellent user experience.

Recently, an interesting question emerged from the SEO community regarding Google’s updates schedule, specifically for Core Web Vitals scores.

In an episode of Google SEO Office Hours, one SEO brought up an interesting question about the ranking factor that is associated with Core Web Vitals scores. They asked if it would be calculated every 28 days – like with core updates – or from time to time.

As Google SEO agencies and webmasters make frequent, significant changes to their websites to improve their scores, knowing the answer to this is crucial. Every change can have a positive or negative result, so scores must be monitored very closely.

Google’s John Mueller admitted that he doesn’t really know if the update schedule has been completely set in stone. He then gave a reply that referred to the Chrome User Experience data, which is gathered from users who participated in giving Google their page speed and web vitals information. Mueller said that there is a general lag for the data and that their team has to wait until they can collect enough.

Usually, Core Web Vitals data is gathered and updated every 28 days. This means that the scores found in tools like PageSpeed Insights and Google Search Console are reports that the search engine has measured in the previous 28 days. This was what Mueller was referring to as “general lag for the data”.

Continuing with his explanation, he said that the schedule update of the ranking factor for CWV will likely be a slow process instead of a real-time change.

For many businesses and webmasters, knowing about the Core Web Vitals ranking update is an important matter as it helps them create plans and strategies to boost their Google SEO rankings. Some of Google’s algorithm systems with ranking factors are updated and applied in real-time, like links. The search engine company also stated that the Penguin algorithm is updated in real time.

Meanwhile, wide-scale changes to site content may take a long time, usually several months, before it could show positive results for a site’s rankings. The length of waiting time is also based on the number of pages that were changed.

As for the CWV ranking factor update, Mueller did not give any definitive answers. It could be that Google had not discussed the matter with him, and many SEOs have not thought about it until now.

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